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Sonic Heroes
Bullet Station

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Bullet Station is the eighth stage in Sonic Heroes.


Bullet Station follows Rail Canyon and takes place in the same general area. The stage begins with a large number of Grind Rails and armored trains, and proceeds to a more base-like atmosphere as the level continues. This level's main gimmick is the giant cannons from which the team is shot from multiple times during the stage. There are also giant Capsules (used to create Shadow Androids) spread throughout the level, as well as giant trains which must be boarded and destroyed to proceed. It is revealed in Team Sonic's story that the heroes believe this is Dr. Eggman's ground base within Rail Canyon.


Team Sonic must destroy Dr. Eggman's base at the mountaintop to reach him, Team Dark must infiltrate the base to stop Eggman, Team Rose must find Eggman's base to rescue Chocola and Froggy, and Team Chaotix are instructed to destroy thirty Shadow Android Capsules to prevent their transport aboard the Egg Fleet. Eventually, all of the teams make it to Eggman's HQ. However, the doctor has a more powerful version of his last weapon lying in wait. After the battle, each team discovers that the Eggman they fought was a fake. Unknown to Team Sonic and Team Dark, the fake Eggman turns out to be Neo Metal Sonic, who manages to copy Sonic and Shadow's data.



Team Sonic

Mission 1

  • Destroy Eggman's base!

Mission 2

  • Get to the goal ring within 6 mins!

Team Dark

Mission 1

  • Annihilate Eggman's base!

Mission 2

  • Defeat 100 enemies!

Team Rose

Mission 1

  • Find Eggman's base!

Mission 2

  • Collect 200 rings!

Team Chaotix

Mission 1

  • Destroy 30 capsules!

For this mission, the client needs Team Chaotix to destroy thirty Capsules in the stage. When the player has reached the first Check Point, seven of the fifty Capsules have been passed. This number reaches 14 by the second Check Point, and 20 just after the third. Once at Check Point #4, 40 of the 50 Capsules should have been encountered, with the remaining ten somewhere between here and the end of the stage.

Mission 2

  • Destroy all the capsules!

For this assignment, the client needs Team Chaotix to destroy all fifty Capsules in the stage.


Rank Score[1]
Team Sonic Team Dark Team Rose Team Chaotix
Result 026.png 40,000 55,000 38,000 32,000
Result 028.png 35,000 45,000 36,000 28,000
Result 030.png 30,000 35,000 32,000 24,000
Result 032.png 20,000 25,000 28,000 20,000
Result 034.png <20,000 <25,000 <28,000 <20,000

Rank Score/Time[1]
Team Sonic Team Dark Team Rose Team Chaotix
Result 026.png 40,000 11:30 4:00 26,000
Result 028.png 38,000 12:00 4:30 24,000
Result 030.png 35,000 12:30 5:00 20,000
Result 032.png 30,000 13:30 5:30 15,000
Result 034.png <30,000 >13:30 >5:30 <15,000

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  • Through use of a glitch, it is possible to grind on the Rails in the tunnels.
  • It is possible to access more of the stage as Team Rose. The player must go to the end of their stage, get on the Rail as Cream, then jump off at its highest point to fly towards the triple-rail behind the Goal Ring. Cream must have advanced to level 3 in order to do this though. This allows the player to play through more of the stage than normally possible.
    • Additionally, this is the only stage where Team Rose starts before Team Sonic does, as they begin at the same point Team Dark does.
  • The shortest train area, though unused is located a distance away from the Chaotix train station.
  • When Team Sonic arrives at the first giant cannon, there is a door that cannot be opened with a switch. To barge through the doors, there is a cannon that aims the door. The player must switch to Knuckles and then fire the cannon towards the doors.
  • This stage's music was re-used in Sega Superstars Tennis.
  • The Capsules that Team Chaotix must destroy are the same kind that Shadow was being stored in at the beginning of Team Dark's story.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"STAGE 08 : BULLET STATION" Jun Senoue 2:16


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