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Bug! (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Bug!".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): Though the land was under a dark cloud, my children still found time to kill.
Manic: Yaa-hooooo!
Aleena (narrating): But Manic had a lesson to learn... about teamwork.
Manic: Is this cool or what? Ha-ha! Wow! [rides his board down to the lake] Ya-hooo! [lands on the water] Yeah! [a SWATbot gives chase and shoots at him] [gasps] Hang in, bro!
Sonic: Yippee ki yi yay! [wrangles the SWATbot's leg] Agh! [strains] [pulls the SWATbot backwards] Think you're gonna take down the hedgehog, huh sweat-butt? I don't think so!
Manic: That's my bro!
Sonic: Uhh!
Manic: My main hedgehog! Yeah! [crashes to the ground] Whoa!
Sonic: You'd better bring a lotta help next time, pal. [hears Sleet's voice from a radio] Huh?
Sleet: SWATbot 27, this is Sleet. Queen Aleena has been spotted in Quadrant 10. Check it out and report back. Do you understand?
Sonic: Affirmative. Check Quadrant 10. Over and out!
Manic: Sonic! A little help here!
Sonic: [gasps] [runs over to Manic's location] Yo, Manic! Where are ya, man?
Manic: Over here!
Sonic: [gasps] [tries to pull Manic out of the cliff] Argh, argh! [Manic breaks out] [gasps]
Sonic and Manic: Whoaaa!
Sonic: Oof! [Manic is about to land on him] Yaaahhh!
Manic: Look out below!
Sonic and Manic: Ugh!
Sonic: Wanna tell me what you were doin' out here alone?!
Manic: Blagh, blagh, agh! [spits] Surfin' some awesome thermals. [attempts to free his board from the rock] [strains]
Sonic: Yeah, and what happened to the buddy system?! Next time we go together, and I'll show you how to shoot thermals. [dislodges Manic's board] Waahhh!
Manic: You surf thermals? [Sonic throws him down as he gets on the board] Whoa, oof! [watches Sonic] All right! [Sonic is heading towards him] Ahh!
Sonic: Man, you're lookin' at Sonic the Surfhog. I can surf thermals standin' on my head. [throws the board to Manic] Hop on! I heard some news about Mom. We gotta find Sonia!
Manic: Whoa! [Sonic pushes him along] Uh, uh... ha-ha! Yeah! [Sonic lets go] Yee-haw!
Manic: Man, that stinks!
Sonic: You can always smell when Robotnik's been somewhere, can't you?
Sonia: These wells have been burning for months! Why would Mother wanna come to a place like this? Eww!
Sonic: I don't know, but-
Sonia: Manic, look out!
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Aargh!
Sonic: What is it with you and potholes, bro? You never get enough of 'em!
Sonia: I don't know how many more my teeth can take.
Manic: Come on, you guys, how many have I hit?
Sonic and Sonia: Thirty-eight.
Manic: [gasps]
Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: Argh!
Sonia: Ahh! [gasps] Whoa!
Sonic: Ugh! Gah!
Manic: Wrong, forty-two. So button it up with the backseat drivin', all right?
Sonia: How much farther?
Manic: Twelve miles.
Sonic and Sonia: Aaaarrghh! [Manic drives over another pothole] Argh!
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Waaaargh!
Sonic: Way to go, little bro!
Sonia: Huh? [a car heads towards them] We've got company, guys.
Manic: Huh?
Sonic: Ugh! [pushes a tire away] Hmmm...
Sonia: Show yourself, whoever you are!
Rudy: You Sonic?
Sonic: Who wants to know?!
Rudy: Name's Rudy. The party's at Mother's.
Sonic: And the musicians are down the hall. I'm Sonic, and this is Sonia and Manic!
Sonia: We heard Queen Aleena was headed here!
Rudy: Nah, I ain't seen 'er and that's a good thing.
Sonia: Why?!
Rudy: Something strange is goin' on here.
Rudy: Last night I was comin' 'ome when I saw a swarm of bright orange bugs flyin' away from my village. Looked something like bottle flies.
Sonia: Bottle flies? Bugs?! Ewwww!
Manic: Shhh!
Rudy: Ah, it's just a honkin' big fly we got round here, except I never saw 'em glow before. Then...
Rudy (flashback): Aargh!
Rudy: ...suddenly one of me mates, a Freedom Fighter, same as me...
Rudy (flashback): Aaaargh!
Rudy: ...turned on me!
Rudy (flashback): [growls] [strains]
Rudy: A bunch of me friends wanted to take me to Robotnik. I was lucky to get out alive. I think it's somethin' to do with those bugs.
Sonic: This stinks like Robotnik!
Rudy: We could do with a bit of help here, hedgehogs.
Sonic: And what do you think?
Manic and Sonia: Hmmm!
Sonic: You got it, Rudy!
Manic: First, we gotta catch one of those bottle flies.
Sonia: Oh, ick!
Sonic: We need to check out your village.
Sonia: Sonic, why don't you check it out? And when you get back, we'll pick a plan to get those icky bugs. Guh...
Sonic: No prob! Back in a flash.
Manic: I'm with ya, bro!
Sonic: Sorry, guy, no time! This calls for a speed warp.
Sonia: Huh?
Manic: Huh?
Sonia: Manic, where are you going?
Rudy: Come back, mate!
Manic: If Sonic can go solo, so can I! I'm gonna find those flies.
Sonia: But Sonic's faster! [Manic soars away] Manic, no! Come back!
Sonic: Mondo uncool! Yo, Freedom Fighters! Hellooo? I'm waiting... [a fly-bot appears] Hey! Needle-nose! [lures the fly-bot into a jar] Whoa, if you're a real bug, I'm a SWATbot!
Manic: Yaa-hoooo! [a fly-bot appears] Huh? [the fly-bot stings his nose] Ouch! [becomes dazed] Must report. Must report to Robotnik.
Sonia: Any sign of Manic?
Rudy: Not yet. Wait! Something's coming! [Sonic arrives] It's moving too fast. I can't tell what it is!
Sonic: It's me!
Rudy: [gasps] My village. Did you see-?
Sonic: Sorry, bud. It's burned. Gone! No sign of Freedom Fighters!
Rudy: Noooo!
Sonia: We'll find 'em, Rudy.
Rudy: We've got to stop them. It's those flies.
Sonic: Oh yeah, almost forgot. [hands Rudy the bug in a jar] Check this sucker out! [looks around] Hey, where's Manic?
Sonia: He wanted to get one of those [shudders] awful flies and he's not back yet! I'm worried, Sonic.
Rudy: They're Robotnik's flies, all right. Metal.
Sonic: Fake flies with full metal jackets? Oh, just what we need(!)
Sonia: How do the fly-bots make you loyal to Robotnik?
Rudy: Must be this serum. They inject it through their stingers.
Sonic: And boom! You're pledgin' allegiance to Buttnik.
Sonia: [gasps]
Sleet: So as you see, sir, a full dose lasts an hour or so. Plenty of time to restrain the prisoners and roboticize them!
Robotnik: Excellent!
Sleet: The fly-bots are working just as you planned.
Robotnik: [snickers] Sometimes I'm awed by my own brilliance! What of the Freedom Fighter village?
Sleet: Burned to a cinder, sir! Just as you ordered.
Robotnik: Ha! And what news of the Queen?
Sleet: Er, well, we haven't been able to raise the stealth bot on the radio.
Robotnik: D'oh! Blithering incompetent! Find that stealth bot or I'll turn you into a can opener!
Sleet: [gasps] I understand, sir.
Dingo: Look what I found.
Robotnik: Well, well, a hedgehog come to visit! [chuckles] I am pleased.
Manic: I am your humble servant, sir.
Sleet: I believe he's a fly-bot victim, sir. You see the sting mark?
Robotnik: Ha!
Manic: At your service, Doctor Robotnik.
Robotnik: Excellent, hedgehog! Because I have a very important job for you.
Manic: Anything for you, sir.
Robotnik: We need to extend the effects. Give me one of the modified fly-bots! [Sleet gives him an upgraded fly-bot] To redose, we'll simply activate a radio signal, and the fly-bot will administer a microdose with its stinger.
Sleet: So, just before the effects wear off, we drop him in the outback?
Robotnik: Exactly. Then he'll deliver the hedgehogs to us. Bark like a dog!
Manic: [barks]
Robotnik: Ah, loyalty! You've gotta love it. [laughs]
Sonic: What time is it now?
Sonia: Five seconds later than the last time you asked!
Sonic: Manic's been gone too long. Somethin's wrong.
Manic: Yaa-hooo!
Sonic: 'Bout time, man! Where ya been?
Manic: Er, I'm not exactly sure.
Sonic: I know you wanna help, bro, but disappearin' ain't cool.
Manic: Sorry! [shakes head] Ugh! I saw one of those bottle fly things and chased it all over the place, but it got away!
Sonic: They're not bugs!
Manic: Bogus. So like, er, what's the plan?
Sonic: Check out the heavy hitters.
Manic: Whoa, awesome! Where'd you get those?
Sonic: Remember that stealth bot that was on your tail?
Sonia: We scavenged parts, and Rudy patched the lasers back together.
Rudy: Sonic's gonna lure the fly-bots into a trap, then we'll blast 'em out of the sky.
Manic: Er, cool! How we doin' it?
Sonic: By the oil wells! At dawn!
Sonia: [scoffs] Dawn? Couldn't we make it nine-thirty-ish? I hate to lose my beauty sleep. [Sonic and Manic look at her disapprovingly] Just kidding!
[everyone snores]
Manic: Huh? [marches outside and gets out a walkie-talkie] This is Manic calling Doctor Robotnik. Come in.
Sonic: [gasps] [checks Manic] Huh? [heads outside to a rumbling noise] Hmm... [runs to a clifftop and sees many vehicles approaching] Time to launch some major haunch!
Sonia: But how did Robotnik know?
Sonic: Oh, I'm clueless, sis. Rudy, we need a place to hide this tank. Any ideas?
Rudy: There's a cave just south of here. They won't find us there.
Sonia: What's that? [Manic walks away] Huh? [Manic grabs a walkie-talkie and enters the toilet] Manic, you all right?
Manic: Doctor Robotnik. This is Manic. Over.
Robotnik: I hope you have good news for me, hedgehog.
Manic: They know you're comin'. They're headed for-
Sonia: Manic, what are you doing?!
Manic: Must contact Robotnik.
Sonia: Oh my gosh!
Robotnik: Hedgehog! Come in! Where are they heading? I repeat: where are the hedgehogs heading?! [the signal is lost] Dahhh! [throws the walkie-talkie] BLAST!
Sonic: Manic? Talkin' to Robuttnik?
Sonia: He's obviously been stung by one of those disgusting fly-bot things.
Manic: Hey guys, what's up? [indicates the walkie-talkie] What are you doin' with that?
Sonic: You don't know? [the team enters the cave] So you don't remember talkin' to Robuttnik?
Manic: Oh man, that's bogus! I wouldn't talk to Robotnik! Why would I?
Rudy: Because you were stung by a fly-bot which makes you loyal to Robotnik.
Manic: I was stung by a fly-bot? I don't remember bein' stung by a... [the sting takes effect again] flybot...
Sonic: I've heard that sound before!
Rudy: Me too.
Manic: Must contact Doctor Robotnik.
Sonia: It's coming from his fanny pack!
Rudy: Ah! [ducks to avoid the fly-bot] Ahh!
Sonia: [gasps] [takes an antenna from the splattered fly-bot] This one's radio controlled!
Sonic: Oh, man! [picks up Manic's pierced fanny pack] Focus. Manic's a hedgehog pincushion!
Sonia: This is how Robotnik's been making the fly-bot sting Manic!
Manic: Oh, man! I feel like roadkill!
Sonic: Robuttnik's gonna pay for this, bro!
Sonia: Oh, we'll get him all right! But first, we need a plan.
Sonic: Plan? Huh. Plan's my middle name!
Sonia: Yeah, sure!
Sonic: No, listen! Rudy and I have been talkin' about it.
Rudy: First, we use the van as bait, so the fly-bots follow it to this place I know.
Rudy: Strike zone, here we come!
Sonia: A one, two, three, and...!
["Never Give Up" plays]
Sonic: [yawns] [a lightning bolt strikes him in the tail and sets it on fire] Argh! Ooh! [blows] Whoo! Ooh! [gasps] [the fly-bots arrive] Well, it's about time you got here! Let's see... this should be a good spot for a fly roast. [lightning obliterates the entire swarm of fly-bots] YESSS! Bye-bye, bug buds! [lightning strikes him in the tail] Ow! [gets struck again] Oww! [and again] Ah, ooh, ah! [groans]
Rudy: I think we got them all.
Sonia: I hope Sonic took care of the rest.
Sonic: Ow! [rubs his backside] [whistles]
Sonia: Sonic! Are you okay?
Sonic: Course I'm okay!
Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: I just wanna be alone.
Manic: Huh?
Sonic: OWWW!
Rudy: Everything's gone.
Sonia: Rudy, look!
Rudy: Sheila, you're alive!
Sheila: Rudy!
Rudy: Oh, I'm so glad you're safe.
Sheila: Oh, it's great to see ya, mate! SWATbots burned the village, but we got away.
Rudy: Where are the others?
Sonia: Well, we got rid of the fly-bots, but we missed Mother again!
Sonic: No biggie. We'll catch up to her. But in the meantime... [looks at Manic] Now bro, about your goin' solo...
Manic: I know, dumb idea. From now on, it's all for one and one for... Robotnik. Must contact Robotnik.
Sonia: Oh my gosh!
Manic: Gotcha!
Sonic: [gasps]
Manic: [laughs]
Sonic and Sonia: [laughs]
[The credits roll]

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