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Buddy Buddy Temple is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It was an ancient temple of unspecified origin on Seaside Island meant to foster life-long friendships between strangers by putting them through death traps which could only be escaped through collaboration.


Temple images of the figureheads of Buddy Buddy Temple, the Buddy Beavers.

Buddy Buddy Temple is a large stone temple whose purpose is to make close friends out of strangers using excessive trust exercises. Once entered, visitors will be trapped inside. The only way to escape is through a number of death traps which require teamwork and trust to overcome. These methods, while controversial, are quite effective; even if the participants have no interest in collaborating, they have to in order to survive, and should they escape, the participants will inevitably have gained appreciation for each other's assistance.[1]

The entire Buddy Buddy Temple is built inside a mountain and its surrounding underground. The only entrance is through an door on a mountainside. Approaching it will unveil the way in, but it will seal itself once someone enters. The temple houses several rooms and is erected right on top of the Froglodyte Caves' central catacombs.[1][2]

The temple uses the Buddy Beavers as examples to encourage its visitors to become friends. They are also depicted on the walls in each room to serve as instructions on how to clear the current trap.[1]


TV series

Season one

Sonic and Eggman stuck in Buddy Buddy Temple.

One time, Sonic and Dr. Eggman got trapped in Buddy Buddy Temple while fighting and fell through a floor, leaving Eggman's Eggmobile disabled and Sonic with a twisted ankle. Unable to escaped on their own, the two joined forces, only to fall deeper into the temple, where they triggered a rising lava pit. Fortunately, Sonic found the Buddy Beavers' instructions, and he and Eggman escaped the room.[1]

Passing through the next trap-ridden rooms, during which Sonic saved Eggman, Eggman betrayed Sonic by faking an injury and locking him inside a room with enclosing walls. However, Eggman could not proceed without Sonic and so freed him, only for the last trap to make the temple cave in. Fortunately, Sonic and Eggman found a mineshaft, which they used to escape the temple with the remainder of Team Sonic, Orbot and Cubot, who accidentally fell into the temple, just before it was destroyed.[1]

Season two

Learning that the Tummel Crystal, a relic that could power any mech suit, was in the catacombs below Buddy Buddy Temple, Dr. Eggman went to excavate it. When they breached the Froglodyte Caves however, Eggman's robot workers got taken out by a magnetic pulse. Eggman then encountered the Froglodytes, who believed him to be a kingly being they had to serve, and Eggman used this to employ the Froglodytes for his excavation efforts.[2]

Points of interest

Entrance hall

Buddy Buddy Temple's entrance hallway.

Starting from the entrance to Buddy Buddy Temple is a long hallway. Venturing further down this hall will make moving walls seal up the path behind the visitors, ensuring escape from the temple becomes impossible.[1]

Introduction room

In the bowels of Buddy Buddy Temple lies the temple's introduction room, where its escape route seeded with death traps begins. It can be accessed through a thick lid in the roof of the room. Along the introduction room's walls are the temple's welcome message which is written in its lost ancient language:

Quotation1.svg Congratulations. You are in the bowels of Buddy Buddy Temple. Enter as strangers, leave as best pals forever. Follow the example of the Buddy Beavers to become true bosom amigos. Quotation2.svg
— Introduction message

Stepping on a floor tile here will unveil a rising lava pit. To escape it, the participants have to switch between pulling levers to expose platforms for the other to reach an exit above. This exit can only be opened when its two levers are pulled in unison.[1]

Darts and crusher room

Buddy Buddy Temple's darts and crusher room.

In the room after the introduction room, there are two traps. The first is a wave of darts which are shot from holes in the walls. The second, which is triggered by stepping on a floor tile, makes the walls protrude spikes and slowly close in on each other. The only way out is through a door which can be opened by pressing a button on each side of the door at the same time. Alternatively, the door can be opened on the other side by pressing a button.[1]

Two-switch room

Buddy Buddy Temple's two-switch room.

The room following the room with the darts and crushers holds a lever on each of two opposing walls. These levers must be pulled in unison to open the exit. Failing to complete this trial will make Buddy Buddy Temple cave in.[1]

Hidden mineshaft

Hidden behind the one of the walls in the two-switch room is a mineshaft with a rail and a stylized handcar. This path leads straight out of Buddy Buddy Temple's mountain.[1]


  • Buddy Buddy Temple already made a cameo in "Buster" where it is seen during one of Sticks' imaginary flashbacks.


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