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The Buddy Bot is a character that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is a model of robot helpers created by Miles "Tails" Prower.


Buddy Bot resembles a walking bear trap. Shorter than the length of Tails's legs, it has a yellow color with gray and two short legs. Its head is shaped as a quarter of a twisted circle with two eyes of cyan color on the side. It feet have the same shape as its head.


The Buddy Bots were used by Tails on several occasions to sabotage machinery during Team Sonic's mission to keep Lyric the Last Ancient from using the Chaos Crystals.

Buddy Bot Socket

A socket for Buddy Bot.

In gameplay, Buddy Bots can be deployed by Tails into small door-like sockets so they can trigger various reactions, such as deactivating force fields. They can also help Tails out in battle: when deployed near enemies, Buddy Bots automatically attack them viciously. However, they only deal minimal damage.

After the defeat of Lyric, a Buddy Bot helped Tails set up a celebration in the Unnamed Village.

Powers and abilities

The Buddy Bots possesses jaws strong enough to damage robots and are reasonably fast, capable of attacking so fast that they resemble whirlwinds. They can also self-detonate to take out vital machinery.



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