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Bubblegum Descent[1] (風船ガム落下 Fūsen gamu rakka?, lit. "Bubblegum Fall"), also referred to as the Gum Balloon, is a technique used by Vector the Crocodile. When performing this move, Vector blows a large bubblegum bubble that lets him and his team mates drift through midair or reach higher areas by utilizing vertical drafts.


When performing Bubblegum Descent, Vector inflates a massive purple balloon-bubble made of bubblegum while in midair, which slows his own descent by catching the air beneath him. Using this ability around wind currents or fans allows Vector to accelerate in the direction of the winds. While descending, Vector gives off a green aura and can damage unarmed Badniks by knocking into them.

Game appearances

Sonic Heroes

The Bubblegum Descent made its first appearance in Sonic Heroes as a Power Formation maneuver used by Vector on Team Chaotix. While using the Bubblegum Descent, the player is able to greatly slow their descent through the air, and also slowly move in any direction, similar to gliding. Additionally, in areas with vertical drafts (e.g. fans), the player is able to catch the upward draft generated at these places and ascend to higher sections by using the Bubblegum Descent above the source of these updrafts. When with Vector, Espio the Chameleon grabs onto the back of his gold chain and Charmy Bee holds onto the end of Vector's tail, preventing them from falling.

To perform the Bubblegum Descent in gameplay, Team Chaotix has to be in Power Formation. The player must then press and hold down the jump button (PSXButton.png/XboxA.png/A Button GameCube v2.png) while jumping or in midair. The player can also use the control stick to move in different directions. To break the Bubblegum Descent, the player must release the jump button.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

In the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, the Bubblegum Descent returned as a Super Boost for Vector. In this game, it is referred to as the Gum Balloon. Taking advantage of the winds, Vector can use it in the Rocket Ski Jumping event in order to accelerate in mid-air and reach Item Boxes or energy rings before other players. To perform the Gum Balloon, the player has to use the Stylus pen to quickly swipe up on the touch screen. However, using the move will greatly drain Vector's energy.


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