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This object exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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The Bubble Bomb[1] (called a "Special Balloon Bomb" in the Japanese version) is an object that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is a device created by Tails and Chuck Thorndyke in an attempt to stop Sonic.


The Bubble Bomb is a pink bubble filled with helium, which enables it to lift heavy objects into the air. It is stored in a missile, and upon being shot out of its firearm, it will latch onto its target and lift them up into the air.[1]



Chaos Emerald Saga

The Bubble Bomb was devised by Tails and Chuck Thorndyke to immobilize Sonic when the hedgehog was stuck running constantly. Thanks to Amy, the Bubble Bomb was successfully attached to Sonic. However, the device worked too well and ended up carrying him away until Knuckles popped it with a pebble.[1]

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