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Bruce Bandicoot[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is a fictional anthropomorphic bandicoot from the Clunk superhero comic, and the alter ego of the Unenviable Clunk.


Bruce is an anthropomorphic bandicoot of average built with light brown fur and black eyes. He possesses a long, beige snout with a black nose on its tip, a thin and long tail, two long and pointy ears, and a beige-colored lower belly. His attire consists of a pair of black-framed glasses, a white lab coat, a blue tie, and brown shoes.


TV series


According to the Clunk comics, Bruce was originally a timid scientist. However, one day he had an accident in his lab when he tipped over a wire and got exposed to absurdly dangerous levels of purple rays. This exposure caused him to mutate into the Unenviable Clunk.[1]

Season two

Learning of Bruce's story by reading the Clunk comic book, Dr. Eggman was inspired to replicate the procedure that had created the Clunk on himself to become more powerful. However, the procedure would instead turn the doctor into a cuddly creature.[1]


Accordingly, Bruce was a timid person in his field of work.[1]


  • Bruce Bandicoot is a parody of Bruce Banner, a character from Marvel Comics.


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