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The Brotherhood of Guardians is the Light Mobius version of the Brotherhood of Guardians from the Mobius Prime universe.


In 3261 it consisted of Knuckles' predecessors to the title of Guardian, including Sojourner and Spectre. Although Sabre resided in their base of Haven Two as well, by this point in time he had been reduced to a vegetative state and was primarily there to be cared for. The group had also lost Locke the Echidna in 3246 to cancer. Knuckles approached the Brotherhood in order to eavesdrop on his nephew Rutan after the young Echidna had spied on his conversation with Rotor Walrus. (StH: #134)


  • It is unknown why Thunderhawk was not present amongst the Brotherhood members. It is unlikely he died of old age, as both his father and grandfather are still alive. It is possible he was simply not in the room or not at Haven II when Knuckles went there, or that he died at some point.
  • It is unknown if the Brotherhood exists at all in the altered timeline as they have yet to be seen or even mentioned. If they did, but do not currently, it seems likely to have something to do with King Shadow's regime where the Dark Presence acted as his own secret police.

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