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Brother Barry is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a member of the Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe. Barry was part of the Channel Hoppers scheme, dressing himself as the blue Channel Hopper, "Wiggly".[1]


Barry and his cohorts formed a seemingly innocent children's show named the Channel Hoppers in an attempt to convince children that Robotnik was "wonderful" and they should oppose Sonic. Brother Barry disguised himself as the blue Channel Hopper. However, between shows, Barry would set up the subliminal message that influenced the audience.[1]

While Barry was forced to explain their plan to Brother Percy, Tails discovered the trick and faced the Channel Hoppers. Barry took control, informing Tails that they were about to go live and it would seem that Tails was bullying the innocent actors. After the show though, Barry was surprised when their fans turned on them. He was then shoved by Percy, revealing that he was a member of D.R.A.T.. The dog ordered his teammates to attack Tails, but all three were defeated, leaving Barry and his cohort to leave the crime scene in shame.[1]


Despite his rough appearance, Barry appears to be the most intellectual member of his trio.[1]


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