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Sonic Boom
Bro-Down Showdown

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"Bro-Down Showdown" is the forty-first episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It aired on 29 August 2015 in the United States and on 30 August 2015 in France.


After destroying Amy's couch, Sonic and Knuckles enter a "best friend" game show in order to win her a new one. Unfortunately, the show pairs Sonic up with Eggman, and Eggman has a few evil tricks up his sleeve.







One day, while sitting in her house cleaning her hammer, Amy hears Leroy the Turtle knocking on her door and goes to check it. There, Leroy gives Amy a telegram, saying that she has won the Most Selfless Award. In a bout of selfishness, Amy snatches the telegram from Leroy, knocking the turtle on his back and leaving him unable to get back up. Sonic and Knuckles then drops by, asking what is going on, and Amy explains that she (contradictorily) summited herself for the award which she had just won weeks ago. As Amy prepares to go to the awards ceremony, she is begrudgingly convinced by the begging of Sonic and Knuckles to let the two stay watch her house while she is away, although she warns them they will face her wrath if they do anything foolish.

As soon as Amy leaves, Sonic and Knuckles start clowning around with foolish stunts, before sitting down to watch TV. While they are eating nachos, however, Amy's couch gets stained by nacho cheese. Sonic tries to clean it with a towel and grape soda but to no avail, and the couch gets ripped when Sonic and Knuckles try to take it outside. Just as the two believe they are doomed once Amy finds out about this, they see Comedy Chimp advertise a game show called "Bro-Down Showdown" on TV, with the grand prize being a new couch (although it takes Knuckles a while to understand the opportunity they are given). Unbeknownst to Sonic and Knuckles however, Eggman has been using a Fly Bot to listen in and has begun plotting a new evil scheme.

Arriving in the Village Center, Sonic and Knuckles join the auditions along with several other local residents. Eggman then shows up to audition for the show with Orbot, much to Sonic's confusion. Soon after, Dixon arrives and start looking over the participants, only to dismiss them one by one, including Sonic and Knuckles. This provokes an argument between Sonic and Eggman until Dixon stops the scuffle and decides to make them partners for the show. Although not happy about the deal, Sonic accepts it since it gives him a chance to win the couch. Sonic thus breaks off his planned partnership with Knuckles, who does not take the dismissal well.

Onstage, Knuckles reveals to Sonic and Eggman that he has gotten himself on the show by partnering up with Mike the Ox. Although Knuckles had planned to make Sonic jealous this way, Sonic believes it was a plan to increase their chances of winning the couch. The show then starts. With Comedy Chimp serving as the host, the primate presents the show's contestants, which includes not only Sonic and Eggman, and Knuckles and Mike, but also the duos of Stunt Bear No. 1 and 2, and Dave the Intern and Lady Walrus. Sonic however, find Dave and Lady Walrus' bro-relationship ridiculous.

In the game, Comedy Chimp asks players questions about their teammate, with correct answers scoring points. On one question during the first round, the Stunt Bears being arguing with each other, resulting in a disqualification for breaking the "bro-code". At the end of the round, Knuckles and Mike have the lowest score and are eliminated from the competition. Before the second round, Eggman's Obliterator Bot shows up and starts attacking the village. Sonic tries to engage it, but Comedy Chimp reveals that if he fights Eggman's robot, he would technically break the bro-code and be disqualified, which Eggman gleefully admits was his plan all along: if Sonic wants to win the couch, he would have to let Obliterator Bot destroy the village, but if he fights Obliterator Bot, he would lose his only chance to replace Amy's couch.

While still hurting from Sonic's rejection, Knuckles chooses to battle Obliterator Bot alone while Sonic is forced to complete the game show. As their fight proceeds, Knuckles is able to knock one of Oblierator Bot's missiles away using a stick, but is otherwise outmatched. Eventually, Obliterator Bot has Knuckles pinned to the ground and prepares its laser. Just when the robot is about to fire, though, Sonic (after briefly hesitating) forfeits winning the couch and rescues Knuckles. Using the same stunt they did earlier, Sonic and Knuckles manage to destroy Obliterator Bot. Eggman is mad that his plan did not work, and this results in a disqualification. Dave and Lady Walrus are declared the winners and head to the couch, only to stain it while eating nachos. Sonic and Knuckles on the other hand, worry about what to do about Amy's couch now.

Back at Amy's house, Amy is returning home with her award, and Sonic and Knuckles alert her not to come in. Sure enough, the missile Knuckles hit back in the Village Center crashes into her house, destroying the couch and the evidence of the mess Sonic and Knuckles made. The explosion also makes Leroy fall down again, just after he had gotten back up. Pretending to know nothing about the mess they made on the couch, Sonic and Knuckles say that it was Eggman's fault and walk away. Amy then sadly looks at her destroyed couch as Sonic and Knuckles walk past Leroy, who hopes that someone is taking care of his cat.


  • When Knuckles is holding his nacho, the cheese on it is about to drop on his right side, but in the following scene it drips on his left side.
  • When Sonic and Knuckles are pushing the couch inside, the couch moves through the rug on the floor.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Finnish Kamppaile Kaverisi Kanssa Fight with your friend
French Les Z'amis The Friends
German Showdown unter Kumpeln Showdown with pals
Hungarian Pajti párbaj Buddy duel
Italian Tutto per un divano Everything for a couch
Japanese 相棒クイズ対決 Buddy Quiz Showdown
Korean 환상의 짝꿍 The Bosom Friend
Persian نمایش خرابکاری‌ها Show sabotage
Polish Wół Mike Mike the Ox
Portuguese (Brazil) Mano a Mano Bro to Bro
Portuguese (Portugal) Confronto de Manos Bros' Confrontation
Romanian Înfruntarea prietenilor Confrontation of friends
Russian Лучший друг The best friend
Spanish (Latin America) Duelo de Hermanos Brothers Showdown
Spanish (Spain) El Show de los Colegas The Buddy Show
Ukrainian Братерське шоу Fraternity show


  • This is the first episode in the Sonic Boom television series where Tails does not make a physical appearance. Ergo, making Sonic the only character to appear in all the episodes so far.
  • While competing on the show, Knuckles guesses that Sonic's favorite movie is "Croctopotamus", which has a strikingly similar name to the real-life movie "Croctopus".
  • The music Obliterator Bot played to send Knuckles flying during their battle was the same music it played in "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?" when it misheard Eggman.
  • Knuckles breaks the fourth wall by mentioning that he thought this was going to be a "Sonic and Knuckles episode".


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