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Quotation1.svg We are the mighty Raiju! Only through one's strength -- through action -- do you earn anything! Quotation2.svg
— Bride of Conquering Storm, Sonic Universe #15

The Bride of the Conquering Storm (or simply "Conquering Storm") is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is a female mobian lynx who was the leader of the Raiju Clan, one of the four houses that are subservient to the Iron Dominion. She accompanied the Iron Queen and the rest of her forces to the city of New Megaopolis after Dr. Eggman's fall into insanity to rule over the Eggman Empire, where they greeted atop the Eggdome by Snively Robotnik and the Dark Egg Legion. She later supervised a search of the ruined city of New Megaopolis and revealed to her king and queen that the Eggdome was the only functioning building among the ruins. She then accompanied the Iron King through New Megaopolis searching for anything that could be of use to them, and later informed the Iron Queen in her throne room that her agent, Lightning Lynx, had seen Sonic the Hedgehog and Monkey Khan heading toward the city. Afterwards she returned to the Dragon Kingdom, and was eventually convinced to renounce her clan's loyalty to the Iron Dominion by a group of Freedom Fighters from New Mobotropolis. However, she continued to maintain ties with the Eggman Empire in the hopes of eventually gaining control of the Dragon Kingdom for herself.


Frontal view of Conquering Storm, from Sonic the Hedgehog #200.

Conquering Storm is an orange lynx with black hair, and she originally had orange eyes. Her tufted ears end in black and are pushed down by her straw conical hat; the left ear has a nick in it. Her black bangs are visible beneath her hat and hang over her face, and she wears purple eyeshadow. She wears a purple gi-like outfit trimmed in gold and belted at the waist. She also wears heavy gloves and boots with metal reinforcements.

After being Legionized, her eyes have been modified or replaced with cybernetics, her eye whites becoming black with circuitry visible running through them.


Servant to the Iron Dominion

Conquering Storm and the other two surviving brides allying themselves with the Iron Dominion, from Sonic the Hedgehog #207.

After Jun Kun slew the Bride of Rich Nights and Regina Ferrum took over the Yagyu Clan, she deceived Conquering Storm and the other clan leaders that the clans were joining the Iron Dominion. Fearing the destruction of their clan, Conquering Storm, like the Bride of the Endless Reach and Bride of Constant Vigil, swore allegiance to the Iron Dominion, ending the Clan Wars and becoming lieutenants of the Iron Queen.[3][4]

Head of the Vanguard

Later on the day of Dr. Eggman's fall into insanity, Conquering Storm accompanied the Iron King and Queen in the Iron Queen's dirigible, along with the Yagyu Ninja Clan, to New Megaopolis's Eggdome where they were greeted by Snively Robotnik and the Dark Egg Legion.[5] A few days after this, she led a small group of Yagyu Ninjas to search through the city to see if there were any other functioning buildings, but the Eggdome was the only one, much to the anger of the Iron King. He later had Conquering Storm accompany him on another search of New Megaopolis for anything useful like weapons.[3] During her search with the king, her agent, Lightning Lynx had contacted her and said that he had spotted Sonic and Monkey Khan heading to New Megaopolis after delivering a message to Espio the Chameleon, which she reported in to her Queen.[3]

Conquering Storm was later seen reporting to the Iron Queen that Espio had failed his mission to steal the Master Emerald, and the Iron Queen ordered her to return to the Dragon Kingdom to "keep the other houses in line", to which Conquering Storm replied it would be her "pleasure" with a devious smirk.[6]

Renouncing the Dominion

Conquering Storm shows her disgust at Lightning's pleas, from Sonic Universe #15.

In the Dragon Kingdom, Conquering Storm and her Clan had been entrusted the Iron Fortress, though through a slip of the tongue it became clear that Storm preferred to think of the fortress as her own. When Sonic, Sally Acorn, Tails, Monkey Khan, Fiona Fox and the remaining members of the Destructix invaded the fortress, she smugly told them that only fools would attempt to wage war with her clan. When Monkey Khan insisted he only wished to speak, she pointed out that they had come in on the offense, but when Monkey Khan asked if she would have listened to them otherwise, she admitted that it was unlikely, telling him to state his case. He told her that should her clan break ties with the Iron Dominion, he would recognize their land rights and let them keep the fortress. Storm found this choice of words amusing, saying that they could not be bought like the "lowly" Yagyu Clan. She then declared that the "mighty" Raiju only believed in strength and action. Hearing his, Khan proposed instead they decide the matter on a duel of honor; should their fighter win, the clan would renounce the Dominion, but should the Raiju champion win, they would surrender and become prisoners. Storm happily agreed to this, muttering that either result would benefit her. She ordered Lightning to duel in order to "prove his continued worth," but he lost to Sonic. Disgusted, Storm announced him banished from the clan for the second time. She coldly dismissed his protests, but when he blurted "Don't! Please! I love--" she glared down at him and told him to stop embarrassing himself, saying that this was how he ended up banished in the first place. Displeased, she then told Khan and the others that while she would uphold her word of honor and renounce the dominion, that did not make them allies, ordering them to leave. When a ninja showed concern of the Iron Dominion retaliating, Storm insisted they wouldn't; she explained that the "heroes of the West" could take care of the dominion for them, leaving them free to take over the Dragon Kingdom themselves.[7]

Alliance with Eggman

Despite severing ties with the disintegrating Iron Dominion, Storm and her clan were quick to ally themselves with the Eggman Empire. Records of calls from Snively showed discussion concerning the Clan being Legionized; while Storm maintained that her Clan was already strong enough without cybernetic implants, Snively told her she would do as ordered, and she begrudgingly accepted. When Snively inquired as to the status of the Iron Queen, she impatiently informed him that she was still incarcerated in a prison that was devoid of all technology that could be influenced by Regina's Magitek powers, thus making her escape unlikely. Her tone implied that this was not the first time Snively had inquired about Regina's status.[8]

While trying to take down a thieving Yagyu ninja, Conquering Storm was later teleported aboard the Death Egg Mark 2 along with the various Grandmasters of Eggman's other Dark Egg Legion chapters, and received orders to have her forces search for the missing blue Chaos Emerald in addition to seeking to expand the empire. At some point prior to this, Conquering Storm had undergone Legionization, with notable modifications made to her eyes.[9] Eggman later visited her in her homeland, and despite her continued assertions that her people needed no cybernetic enhancements-her own Legionization being intended as a compromise-Eggman sustained Snively's previous order, also inquiring as to the status of Regina. Unbeknownst to Eggman, Conquering Storm had been approached by the treacherous Snively and had supplied him with an ancient battle suit that became the Iron Oni.[10] Given her aspirations of overthrowing Eggman-a goal she had in common with several of the other Grandmasters-this treachery was hardly surprising.[11]

Note: From this point, Conquering Storm's history continues from her new life in the altered timeline.


Conquering Storm is blunt, straightforward and prideful. She firmly believes that one only gains anything in life through action and strength. Despite some harshness, she is technically honorable, proving a loyal servant when forced to submit her clan to the Iron Dominion - though she was quick enough to renounce that loyalty when offered the chance. She abhors any sign of weakness-which apparently includes affection, given her reaction to Lightning Lynx's attempts to earn her respect-and is quick to dismiss those who don't meet her expectations. Conquering Storm also has great ambitions, having apparently set her sights on capturing the Dragon Kingdom for her clan, if not the whole of Mobius given her alliance with Eggman. Conquering Storm is also fairly bold, defying Eggman's wishes and keeping intelligence from him in her efforts to advance her own cause and that of her clan.

Powers and abilities

The Bride of Conquering Storm is a skilled fighter, superior in ability even to Lightning Lynx, who was once considered the Raiju Clan's strongest common warrior.

Having undergone Legionization, she has had her eyes modified or replaced by cybernetic implants, possibly benefiting her vision, though this remains unconfirmed.


The preview of Conquering Storm before her debut.

  • In a preview shown in the comic for Free Comic Book Day 2009 (before her first actual appearance), her prototype design showed her with maroon fur.
  • Before her name was released, Conquering Storm was referred to as "Coolie-Hat-Girl" by fans. Another common fan nickname for the character is "Connie"; her actual given name is unknown.


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