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The Bride of Rich Nights was the former bride of the Yagyu Clan, ruling over various Yagyu Lords after the clan was reorganized from a society of assassins. From the time of this reorganization until the clan fell under the leadership of the Iron Dominion, various Brides employed the Yagyu Ninja to steal the treasure of the Dragon Kingdom. However, this came to an end when the last Bride was murdered by the Iron King.


Taking Over the Clan

At an unknown point in the clan's history, the first Bride of Rich Nights turned the Yagyu into her own personal army of thieves. From then on the Yagyu Clan terrorized the denizens of the Dragon Kingdom, with the Bride of Rich Nights enjoying all the spoils.

The Last Bride

The most recent Bride led her clan during the Clan Wars against the Raiju, Shinobi, and Gossamer Clans. At some point in time, Regina Ferrum attempted to bribe her so her clan would join the Iron Dominion, but Rich Nights refused. She was subsequently murdered by Jun Kun, though her death was credited to Regina so that she would become the new bride of the Yagyu Clan. Following this, the Yagyu Clan served Regina and joined the Iron Dominion, with the other clans soon following.


  • In Sonic Universe #14's Off-Panel, it was jokingly suggested that Rouge the Bat might be the Bride of Rich Nights, as they shared a number of characteristics.


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