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This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the character in the Archie Comics, see Breezie (Archie).
Quotation1 If I'm just a robot, why am I crying? Maybe someday, we'll meet down the line and then Sonic, you'll be mine. Quotation2
Breezie, "Lovesick Sonic"

Template:Character Breezie Hedgebot Robotnik[1] is a character from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. She is a voluptuous hedgehog-based robot and was originally a secret agent working for Dr. Robotnik to get rid of Sonic, but betrayed the doctor when she developed feelings for Sonic. Having set out on her own, Breezie was later made a target of Robotnik to uncover her glitch, which let to her meeting with fellow robot Robotnik Jr., who she soon after married and started a new life together with.


Breezie is designed after the not-so-typical anthropomorphic hedgehog. She is very tall (well over a head taller than Sonic), attractive woman with a curvy and slender hourglass figure with a narrow waist, buxom bosom, broad hips and a round head. She has sea-green fur and a round peach muzzle with a short black snout. Her quills are teal-black and long, falling down behind her back and resembles spiked hair, and on her head she has two quills that fall down each side of her head like bangs. She also has chocolate brown irises.

Breezie's attire consists of a reddish sequined strapless dress with a low back, sweetheart neckline and high thigh slit. In addition, she wears matching reddish high-heeled shoes and elegant opera gloves, and golden marble earrings. She also wears lipstick matching her dress, gloves and shoes.


Breezie was created by Robotnik to distract and eventually eliminate Sonic while the doctor flooded a village. To get Sonic to trust her, Robotnik staged a pursuit, where Breezie was chased by Scratch and Gronder. When Sonic came to her rescue, Breezie managed to allure him and had him get her things from all over Mobius so they could have lunch together. While Sonic was away, Breezie had enough of Tails, who caught onto her meanness, and threw him into a river, which gave her the opportunity to set up a trap for Sonic with Scratch and Grounder's help. When Sonic returned, Breezie got Sonic into the trap, but not before he gave her presents on his own. Moved by getting something she did not ask for and with her nasty-neural-netblick on the fritz,[2] Breezie saved Sonic, who in turn saved her, from the deadly trap. Breezie then explained everything and sent him to stop Robotnik's plan. While Sonic was gone, Breezie gave Tails a note to Sonic before leaving, explaining that their relationship could not work right now due to her guilt, but that it could if they met again.[3]

Breezie eventually got work hosting a daytime talk show, during which she was later kidnapped by Scratch and Grounder for Robotnik to uncover the error that made her go rogue for another project. While Breezie was being transported with fellow prisoner Robotnik Jr., another of Robotnik's rogue creations, Sonic rescued them. Breezie tried to rekindle her relationship with Sonic, oblivious to Robotnik Jr.'s advances towards her, without much luck. Later, as Breezie got her favorite flowers from Robotnik Jr., Scratch and Grounder caught them and brought them to Robotnik. After the doctor was done with them, Breezie and Robotnik Jr. were thrown out where Sonic and Tails found them. As they headed out to stop Robotnik from causing a drought, Breezie began to warm up to Robotnik Jr. and eventually saved him from a waterfall. Saving Robotnik Jr. proved to Breezie that he needed him, which made her fall in love with him, and she ended her affection with Sonic on a good note.[2]

Eventually, Breezie and Robotnik Jr. married and made a nice little home together. They were later came to Sonic's award ceremony for Sonic, where Breezie was the first to give her sincere testimonial speech about Sonic. During the show, Robotnik tried to sink the ship where the award ceremony was being held, with Breezie and the others trapped onboard. However, they were saved by Sonic and could to continue the ceremony shortly afterwards.[1]


Breezie is flirtatious, seductive and a bit spoiled.[3] Beneath her somewhat ditsy exterior though, Breezie was originally nasty, scheming and rotten,[2] tricking Sonic into going to the most dangerous parts of Mobius without a shred of concern for his well-being and coldly prepared his destruction while he was away.[3] However, Breezie eventually had a glitch which made her develop a sense of mortality and genuine concern for others. She also became guilty for the bad things she committed which let to her initial departure from Sonic. Since then, Breezie has become much more friendly towards others, though she still kept some mean traits like openly making fun of Robotnik Jr., which is noted to be said in a manner similar to the latter.[2]

Because she was designed to be solely malicious, Breezie was initially completely foreign to acts of random kindness. She was surprised when Sonic brought her a gift she did not ask him for and was confused over her own capabilities for good and feelings of sorrow caused by regret.[3]

Breezie is by no means a pushover, which is exhibited in bossy, slightly stubborn and tough behavior. When Scratch and Grounder offered their services, she quickly and strictly asserted herself as their boss and when their escape from Robotnik's captivity was ensured, Breezie preferred to get out on her own instead of with Robotnik Jr.'s help.[3][2] For a while, Breezie was a typical "damsel in distress", often relying on Sonic to get her out of jams. However, she eventually outgrew that habit when she saved Robotnik Jr. on her own, which made her discover that she liked having others rely on her than the other way around.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Breezie Gadget comparment

Breezie's torso compartment.

Breezie possesses a compartment inside her torso which can be accessed by opening a hatch on her stomach. Inside it, she has a robot-com-phone for communicating with Dr. Robotnik.[3] She also possesses a number of emergency equipment, like a helicopter rotor that she can sprout from her back which grants her flight, though some of them are no longer working. These equipment can be viewed from inside her torso compartment as well.[2]


Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Dr. Ivo Robotnik is Breezie's creator and former employer. Originally, Breezie was obedient and loyal to the doctor by default and spoke to him with utmost respect. However, she eventually betrayed Dr. Robotnik by saving Sonic from his attempt to eliminate him and revealing his plans to flood a village. From then on, Robotnik became Breezie's enemy who she would refer to with nothing but contempt.[3][2]

Sonic the Hedgehog

Breezie's lone purpose was to keep Sonic the Hedgehog distracted from his duties and eventually kill him. When she first met him, Breezie was quick to flirt with him and praise his heroism and skills to earn his trust, even claiming to be his greatest admire, but in truth she held no interest in him whatsoever. However, when Sonic gave her presents she had not asked for out of kindness, Breezie was moved by his feelings for her and developed genuine concern for him which then blossomed into real love. However, because of her guilt for what she tried doing to him, Breezie left Sonic after their first meeting, but hoped they would meet again.[3] Ironically, Breezie was designed to make Sonic fall in love with her, but she ended up falling in love with him.

When finally reunited, Breezie still had feelings for Sonic and tried rekindling their past relationship. While Sonic insisted it would not work due to him living free and her being a robot, Breezie was not set back by this. In fact, she was so smitten with Sonic that he failed to take account of others' feelings, like Robotnik Jr.'s growing affection for her and ignored that Sonic only saw her as a friend. When Breezie later fell in love with Robotnik Jr., she apologized to Sonic for moving on fromhim, but he understood, and they kept their friendship.[2] Breezie has since been thankful to Sonic for helping her meet Robotnik Jr.[1]

Robotnik Jr.

Robotnik Jr. is Breezie's husband and, according to herself, her one true love.[1] The two of them have a lot in common; they are both creations of Dr. Robotnik, were both initially evil but were converted to the side of good and betrayed their creator, and they talk in the same way.[2]

When Breezie first met Robotnik Jr., she did not get a good impression of him due to his clumsiness. She would also be rather rude towards him, either making fun of him or being snarky. Early on, Breezie was oblivious to Robotnik Jr.'s growing affection due to her preoccupation with Sonic, until Tails told her about it and she began to think he was kinda cute. Breezie's fondness of Robotnik Jr. continued to grow as she saw his courage to right Robotnik's wrongs. When she shortly after saved Robotnik Jr. from a waterfall, she realized that he depended on her, which she took a liking to, and she fell in love with him.[2] Sometime later, the two of them got married and started a new like together.[1]

Appearances In Other Media

Archie Comics

Main article: Breezie (Archie)
File:AStH Breezie.jpg

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Breezie is one of Dr. Eggman's robotic creations. She initially served as one of the doctor's double-agents where she tried earning Sonic's trust during one of his early adventures. While her true nature was exposed, Breezie soon turned away from the doctor and set out on her own, eventually becoming a quite successful businesswoman and owner of the largest entertainment network in the world and the Casino Park Arena whose staff consists of old badniks Dr. Eggman loads off on her. Supposedly, Breezie is suspected to be connected to a lot of shady stuff.

During the Shattered World Crisis, Breezie organized the Chaos Emerald Championship, using the green Chaos Emerald as the grand prize to advertise and attract competitors.


Bikini hedgehog

The Breezie look-alike.

  • In "Black Bot the Pirate", Sonic finds a girl on the beach, whom he refers to as a "cute little hedgehog in a polka dot bikini." This hedgehog woman is almost identical to Breezie, except her fur is gray and her hair is blonde.
  • Breezie's design, particularly her dress, closely resembles Jessica Rabbit's from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as well as the scrapped human female character Madonna from earlier development of original Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Breezie's favorite flowers are Mobisia Marvelosa Marigoldias.[2]




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