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The Breast Stroke,[1] also referred to as Swimming[2] (水泳[3] Suiei?), is a move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a technique for moving around in water, and a variant of the Glide maneuver.


Knuckles swim.png

When performing the Breast Stroke, the user moves around while underwater using the breaststroke swimming maneuver.

In gameplay, the Breast Stroke allows the player slow down the rate of the playable character's descent while underwater and move significant horizontal distances while descending. This method has much greater range than what the player can reach with a normal jump or fall. However, the playable character cannot move upwards. Also, when using the Breast Stroke, the playable character will continue to swim around until they land safely on solid ground, or stops on purpose. In Knuckles's case, the move will also cease if he latches onto a wall. In addition, should the playable character stop using the Breast Stroke (by ceasing the actions activating it), they will sink normally through the water. Unlike the Glide technique however, the playable characters cannot damage enemies caught in their path, and will take damage if they collide with them.

Game appearances

Sonic Advance series

Sonic Advance

In Sonic Advance, the move is called Swimming[2] (水泳[3] Suiei?) and is used exclusively by Knuckles. To perform the move in gameplay, the player must press and hold GameboyA.png when either jumping or falling while underwater.

Sonic Advance 3

In Sonic Advance 3, the move is called Breast Stroke[1] and can be used by both Knuckles and Tails. However, while Knuckles can perform the move regardless of the partner he has, Tails must be partnered up with Knuckles in order to perform it. In addition, Tails can only can only use it for five seconds after which he will then tire and sink normally. To perform the Breast Stroke in gameplay, the player must press and hold GameboyA.png when either jumping or falling while underwater.

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