Breakable Blocks[1] are obstacles that appear in Sonic and the Black Knight. They are square blocks that can be found blocking the player's path in the stages.


The Breakable Blocks are big square blocks. They are primarily a greenish grey color with a brown circular mark on one side. More volatile ones are reddish brown with a flame icon on them.


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An explosive Breakable Block below an unbreakable one.

The Breakable Blocks are encountered on the paths during several Missions. In gameplay, they function is to barricade the player's path, being arranged in stacks and rows so the player cannot process. Though the player can slip between them, the best way to get by is by destroying them. However, it takes multiple sword slashes to destroy them.

Beside the regular ones, there are another type of Breakable Blocks which have a flame symbol on them.[1] When attacked, these blocks make a brief countdown before creating a wide explosion that not only destroys obstacles and enemies, but also damages the player as well. These blocks only appear in the Mastery missions, where the player has a limited amount of attacks to defeat the foes with and has to use the exploding boxes to take out multiple enemies.



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