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Break Free: Sonic Free Riders Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack album for Sonic Free Riders. It contains twelve tracks and was released in Japan on 8 December 2010, published by Wave Master.

Track list[]

Track Title Music Length
1. "Free - Main Theme of Sonic Free Riders" 4:09
2. "Start-Up Your EX Gear! (Free Riders Version)" 2:40
3. "Theme of Dolphin Resort" 4:22
4. "Theme of Rocky Ridge" 4:47
5. "Theme of Frozen Forest" 4:22
6. "Theme of Metropolis Speedway" 4:49
7. "Theme of Magma Rift" 4:27
8. "Theme of Forgotten Tomb" 3:37
9. "Theme of Final Factory" 5:10
10. "Theme of Metal City" 2:58
11. "Get Ready for the Big Event" 2:27
12. "Free (Crush 40 Version)" 3:21

Disc length (47:11)

External links[]

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