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The Box of Nightmares[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a tool utilized by Lightmare that casts frightening illusions on her enemies.



The Box of Nightmares is a small, gold box with a single key hole in it and long golden chains attached to it.

Features and traits

The Nightmare Box can conjure up utterly convincing nightmarish illusions, forcing its victims to suffer ongoing hallucinations and nightmares based on their worst fears. For example, it made Charmy hallucinate a giant can of bug spray,[1] Sonic blindness, and Mighty the Armadillo imprisonment in an invisible cage.[2] These nightmares last as long as the box is kept open.[3]


Lightmare used the Box of Nightmares when Sonic the Hedgehog and the Chaotix Crew confronted Lord Sidewinder and his gang. The box made Charmy Bee hallucinate a giant can of bug spray, but he was still able to fight Lightmare.[1]

Later on, Lightmare and her comrades launched a surprise attack on the Chaotix using the Box of Nightmares. However, Sonic, remaining unaffected, would knock the box out of Lightmare's hands and close it, ending the Chaotix's nightmares.[3]

Lightmare showed up later when Sonic and the Chaotix attempted to deal with the Black Asteroid. Due to Sonic attacking her, she used the Box of Lightmares to cast a nightmare of blindness on Sonic and one of imprisonment on Mighty the Armadillo. When Lightmare tried to use the box on Espio the Chameleon, however, Espio snatched the box from her hands, whereupon Lightmare revealed that she just wanted to talk to them.[2]


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