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That's a Bowling Strike! Send it rolling down the course at breakneck speed!

Omochao, Sonic Free Riders

Bowling Strike[1] (ボウリングストライク[2] Bouringusutoraiku?) is an Action Item that appears in Sonic Free Riders. With it, the player attacks with a bowling ball.


The Bowling Strike is essentially a giant white bowling ball with yellow and green flames on it.


Bowling Strike can be obtained from the different Item Boxes on the race tracks. When utilizing it, the characters throws the bowling ball ahead of them, upon which it immediately grows to a giant size and rolls down a fair stretch of the racing track at high speed before slowing down to a stop, then disappearing. Anyone caught in the bowling ball's path will take damage, even the rider who bowled to begin with. The Rings that it rolls over vanish.

To use the Bowling Strike in gameplay, the player must perform an underhand throwing motion as if they are rolling a bowling ball.


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