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The Bot Racer Workshop is a location that appears in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. It is Tails' personal Bot Racer workshop onboard Dr. Eggman's mobile stadium on Thunder Island. Here, players can unlock extra features for the Bot Racing minigame and upgrades.


The Bot Racer Workshop is an orange room with grey frames and floors that overflows with different objects, including machines, tools, various parts, and stuffed animals. In the back is a yellow window, behind of which lies an assembly line and a shelf holding what appears to be all manners of junk.


In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, the Bot Racer Workshop is a location that can be visited on the World Map of Thunder Island. It becomes available after unlocking Thunder Island.

Here, players can spent their collected Ragnium shards on unlocking extra gameplay features. This includes buying character-themed Bot Racers for the Bot Racing minigame, and upgrades for all the playable characters which can be used during both Bot Racing and the regular levels in the game.[1][2]

List of Bot Racer Workshop products

Name Type Description Price (Ragnium)
Amy Bot Racer Bot Racer A Bot Racer modeled after Amy. 300
Knuckles Bot Racer Bot Racer A Bot Racer modeled after Knuckles. 400
Ring Attractor Upgrade Automatically collect nearby rings. 600
Shield Award Upgrade Reaching the first checkpoint automatically awards a shield. 500
Sprint Attack Upgrade Destroy enemies instantly by sprinting through them! 700
Tails Bot Racer Bot Racer A Bot Racer modeled after Tails. 200



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