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The Bot Racers is a group that appears in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. It is a term referring to the robot models utilized by Dr. Eggman and Team Sonic for the Bot Racing competition.


The Bot Racers consist of different robots utilizing the elusive Ragnium mineral as fuel which grants them greater speed and agility, as well as new abilities. Overall, there are the Bot Racers used by Dr. Eggman (collectively referred to as the "EggBot Racers") which consist of Eggman's go-to robot minions, and the Bot Racers used by Team Sonic which consist of robots modeled after the team's members.


The Bot Racers are the secondary playable characters in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. Unlike Team Sonic which are playable in most of the levels, the Bot Racers are exclusive to the Bot Racing minigames in the main levels (after they are cleared by Sonic) and on Thunder Island. The EggBot Racers in particular also serve additional roles as the rival opponents in the main levels' Bot Racing minigames. As the player progresses with the game, they will unlock additional Bot Racers to compete with. Different Bot Racers are mostly unlocked in different ways.

In gameplay, the Bot Racers all share the same basic moves, which includes the Air Dash, Double Jump, Fire Mode, Homing Attack, Ice Mode, Sprint and usage of the Enerbeam. However, they have no actions exclusive to themselves. On the other hand, the Bot Racers each have their own statistics which determine how well they perform in gameplay. The higher the statistics, the better the performance.

List of Bot Racers

Image Name Statistics Bot Racing level Unlocking requirement
Acceleration Jump Ground Control Air Control
Sonic-botBotRace Sonic-bot 10 5 3 5 N/A N/A (Unlocked by default)
Tails-botBotRace Tails-bot 5 5 6 7 N/A Purchase in Bot Racer Workshop for 200 Ragnium shards
Knuckles-botBotRace Knuckles-bot 3 8 4 3 N/A Purchase in Bot Racer Workshop for 400 Ragnium shards
Amy-botBotRace Amy-bot 6 5 8 8 N/A Purchase in Bot Racer Workshop for 300 Ragnium shards
Sticks-botBotRace Sticks-bot 5 5 10 8 N/A Collect all Junk Parts and bring them to Sticks' Burrow
Burn-botBotRacer Burn-bot 5 5 8 5 Boulder Speedway Clear Boulder Speedway
Giant RobotBotRace Giant Robot 8 7 10 7 Dusty Trail Clear Dusty Trail
Obliterator-botBotRace Obliterator-bot 3 10 6 5 Mechanized Meltdown Clear Mechanized Meltdown
Fireman-botBotRace Fireman-bot 5 5 8 5 Dust Bowl Clear Dust Bowl
Vote-botBotRace Vote-bot 3 10 6 5 Thunder Chamber Clear Thunder Chamber
Eggman-botBotRace Eggman-bot 8 7 10 7 Warriors Wasteland Clear Warriors Wasteland

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