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Boss Attack Zone is a Zone exclusive to the Time Attack mode in the 2013 remaster of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. In this Zone, the player must fight all of the eleven main bosses encountered in the game in one go (except for the Brass Eggman).

Boss Attack Zone is initially not accessible in Time Attack until the player completes the game for the first time.


Boss Attack Zone features small segments of each Zone featuring the boss fights as a straight forward run-up to the encounter of the boss. After the boss of the segment is defeated, the player can progress to the next segment by moving to the right, which will transport them to the next boss. Only a few segments contain Rings and/or Monitors that will help the player survive, which are noted as follows:

  • Emerald Hill Zone: There is a trail of five Rings along the bridge and has a Super Ring Monitor and a Shield Monitor located on the upper platform. After that, there is another group of three Rings in the air.
  • Casino Night Zone: There is a Spring Catapult that launches the player up to a slot machine that the player can earn Rings with.
  • Hill Top Zone: There is breakable terrain below a destructible rock which both can be destroyed with a Spin Attack or Spin Jump to reveal a red Spring underneath that launches the player into the air to obtain four Rings.
  • Mystic Cave Zone: There is a Shield Monitor on the far left side of the segment.
  • Metropolis Zone: There is a cluster of five Rings before a fire pit although there are two Asterons present. Just before the end of the fire pit, there is a Super Ring Monitor.
  • Wing Fortress Zone: There are seven Rings in this segment, three of which lie in the Barrier Eggman room. After the Egg Barrier fight is completed, the player can jump over the gap to obtain a hidden Shield Monitor.

After defeating the Death Egg Robot, the Death Egg "explodes" but instead of Sonic jumping off into outer space, he simply travels to another section of the Death Egg with a Goal Plate to mark the end of the Zone.


  • Originally, Christian Whitehead (the lead programmer of the 2013 remaster of Sonic the Hedgehog 2) intended to implement the Boss Attack Zone using different color palettes (which would be called Egg Gauntlet Zone) for the arenas but Sonic Team did not agree to the color palette change.[1]
  • It is possible to fight the Death Egg Zone bosses with Rings in this Zone.
  • The BGM used in this Zone is Death Egg Zone's BGM but after encountering the Egg Drillster, the "Boss battle" BGM will play for almost the entirety of the Zone until encountering the Death Egg Robot where its BGM will take over the "Boss battle" BGM for the remainder of the Zone.
  • A glitch can occur in the aforementioned segment that if the player performs a Spin Dash before the controls are locked, the Signpost seemingly spins by the time the player arrives and the timer will still keep counting throughout the results screen.
  • If the player restarts the Zone from the Chemical Plant Zone segment and onward, the BGM is muted for the entirety of the Zone until the player reaches the Death Egg Robot or restarts upon reaching the Death Egg Zone segment.




  1. Sonic 1 and 2 getting the Sonic CD treatment by Taxman and Stealth. Sonic Retro. Retrieved on 10 May 2021. ""The Taxman: Regarding Egg Gaunlet: Basically during development, we tried something different for the Boss Attack mode. Instead of the original bosses back to back, they were all in the one zone with connecting platforming sections - the idea being that it was a testing facility, with mechanical palm trees, flashing lights etc etc. It was fairly close to completion (it just needed a few graphical effects, replacing placeholder graphics, and general polish), however Sonic Team didn't agree with changing the location, colours or graphic style for the Bosses. So in the end we respected the wishes of the team and put together the Boss Attack you see today.""

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