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For individual level bosses, see Category:Bosses.

A business wizard who can move billions with a mere snap of his fingers. Seeing as life is short and time is money, he believes in investing all of his time looking out for number one. If you were wondering, the Boss doesn't make his real name public. For business reasons, of course.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Boss (ボス Bosu?) is a character that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Empire City. Once a business man who traveled the world to see his clients, he was fired due to budget cuts. Inspired by Ippolita however, he now seeks to do humanitarian work.


At some point, Boss went to Chun-nan to visit one of his clients there. There, Boss saw a particular medicine, created by Zonshen, that could cure any aliment.

At the beginning of Sonic Unleashed, Boss was on a on business trip across the world, visiting different clients in other countries. After he arrived in Spagonia, however, the earth was broken into pieces by Dark Gaia's awakening, leaving Boss stranded in Spagonia, much to his own frustration because he had to see other clients elsewhere in the world. While in Spagonia, Boss met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip, where he told them of his predicament.

While stuck in Spagonia, Boss met Ippolita, who tried to have a friendly conversation with him, telling him things such as that White Flowers were her favorites and what her favorite treats were. Boss, however, told Ippolita that he had to go and rushed off.

Despite their brief meeting, Boss began to observe Ippolita and noticed that she was working exceptionally hard to do both hers and her grandmother's chores, even at night, which made him worry about Ippolita since she was up so late despite her age and that her grandmother seemed mean. When meeting with Sonic and Chip during this period, he told them about Ippolita, though he tried to brush it off.

As the planet began coming together, Boss was able to leave Spagonia, and headed to Mazuri for an urgent job there. While in Mazuri, however, Boss kept thinking about Ippolita and how she had it, and could thus not focus. Later on, Boss met Sonic and Chip in Mazuri, where he recognizing them and told them about his problem. He then gave Sonic a box of Ippolita's favorite treats to deliver to her as a gift, though he asked Sonic not to tell Ippolita about who it was from as it would complicate things. When Sonic and Chip returned, Boss was pleased to hear they successfully delivered the gift. He then told them that he had to go Apotos next and thanked them for their help before leaving.

After arriving in Apotos, Boss met Sonic and Chip again. Calling them to him; Boss asked Sonic to deliver another box of treats as a gift to Ippolita, which Sonic accepted, though Boss asked Sonic again not to tell Ippolita who it was from, thinking it would complicate the transaction. As Sonic thought about it, Boss just called his gift-giving thing a whim. When Sonic and Chip returned, Boss was pleased to hear they successfully delivered the gift and that Ippolita liked it. Boss then told Sonic and Chip that he had another meeting in Shamar and took his leave, though not before telling Sonic that he owed him one.

After arriving in Shamar, Boss met Sonic and Chip again, where he was happy to see them because he wanted Sonic to deliver Ippolita another box of treats. When Sonic accepted the request, Boss asked him again to keep his identity a secret while wondering if Ippolita would like the gift. When Sonic and Chip returned, Boss was eager to heard how it went, but was shocked to hear that Ippolita's grandmother had found out about the gifts and thrown them out. Saddened, Boss told Sonic that he had another meeting in Empire City and left.

After returning to Empire City, Boss was fired from his job due to a series of downsizing decisions. Also, due to only having looked after himself, Boss was left all alone without anyone to help or support him. Despite it all, however, Boss was still grateful to Ippolita for showing him the joy of helping others.

Later on, Boss met Sonic and Chip in Empire City again, where he asked Sonic, though reluctantly because he felt bad about asking Sonic of favors all the time, if he could deliver a White Bouquet to Ippolita as his final gift to her. As Sonic accepted it, Boss thanked him and told of how the joy of making other people happy had blossomed within him. When Sonic and Chip later returned, Boss was glad to hear that Ippolita liked the gift and thanked Sonic for his help. He then pronounced that he now truly felt happy and that Ippolita had saved him as a person, before telling Sonic about the course he life had taken recently.

Boss soon after felt that time really crawled by without any work. When Sonic and Chip later returned to Empire City, Boss was shocked to hear from that Ippolita's grandmother was sick and was giving Ippolita a hard time. Wanting to help Ippolita, Boss told Sonic about the miracle medicine he saw in Chun-nan, and enlisted Sonic to find it and bring it to Ippolita, though he could not remembering who had the medicine. When Sonic and Chip later returned, Boss was excited to heard they had brought the medicine to Ippolita, before being explained to his surprise that Ippolita's grandmother was not mean, but just cranky from her pains, and that Ippolita was doing her grandmother's jobs to help her get better. Boss also heard that Ippolita had figured out it was him who sent her the gifts and had Sonic thank him for her. Boss then noted that it was perhaps the first time anyone had said thanks to him, and gave Sonic Art Book 44 as thanks for his help. Boss then told Sonic and Chip that he might plan to go see Ippolita again and that he would get a busy new job that would make everybody happy.


Boss is described as a business wizard who can move billions with a mere snap of his fingers. Curiously, he chooses not to make his real name public for business reasons. Because of his life as a businessman, Boss saw life as short and time as money, which convinced him to only look after himself. After he met Ippolita however, he changed his ways and now seeks to help others.


  • Boss is not the actual name of this character. He keeps it a secret for business purposes.


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