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Item Boxes only contain White Boosts!

— Description, Team Sonic Racing manual

Boost Race[1] is one of the types of Events available in Team Sonic Racing. It is not available in Team Adventure however.


In Boost Race Events, the player competes in a basic three lap race that adhere to the basic rules and gameplay mechanics of a Standard Race in Team Sonic Racing. As such, the player takes part in an all-against-all race where they compete by themselves without any teammates by their side. Up to twelve racers can compete in this Event at the same time. The player's standings during a race is displayed in the upper left corner of the HUD and is constantly updated. The racers are also allowed to pick up power-ups from the Item Boxes on the race tracks. The racers also cannot pull off any team maneuvers, such as the Item Box Transfer, Slingshot, Skim Boost, Rival Takedown and Team Ultimate.

The goal of the player in this Event is to get the best position possible in the race. However, during the race, the Item Boxes along the race tracks will only grant the playable character White Wisps for the White Boost. Sometimes, the player may even be lucky enough to get three White Wisps from one Item Box, like in normal gameplay.

To complete a Boost Race Event, the player must simply complete all three laps. The winner is the one who completes all three laps first.

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