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The Boost[1] (ブースト Būsuto?) is an object that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is a Pickup item that allows the user to accelerate.


The Boost itself has no physical appearance. However, its icon is presented as three purple arrows of increasing size aligned in a stripe.


The Boost item is a Pickup item that increases the user's speed without using Dash Panels or drifting. Dependent on the number of Boosts the racer possesses, the user can reach higher acceleration levels: if one Boost is used, the exhaust fire on the user's car becomes yellow (a Level 4 boost), and if two Boosts are used, the exhaust fire becomes blue (a Level 5 boost).

The Boost has several usages in gameplay: it can be used to gain a speed edge over other opponents while racing, evade Drones and Twisters (which makes it useful for "Battle Arena" challenges), cross sharp turns, and recover speed after getting slowed down. However, a low-level Boost can be canceled out with other Pickup items. Also, if a Boost is used while directly behind another racer, the Boost will be canceled out too.

Boosts can be gained by obtaining a Pickup item (which can give up to two Boosts), or a Super Pickup item which always gives three Boosts. To use a Boost, simply press the Weapon button when equipped with it. When holding multiple Boosts, the player can hold down the Weapon button to use them all at once: using two Boosts at once gives a level five boost, while using three at once results in a level six boost. These layered Boosts last for several seconds, during which time the player is immune to Drones and Twisters.



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