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— Description, Sonic Unleashed[1]

The Bookshelf is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a small bookshelf for storing and showing information on the characters and enemies in the game, and the images from Art Books.


The Bookself is a piece of furniture about three meters tall. It has a hexagon-shaped base with a stubby leg on the bottom of each corner and has a single drawer on each side. It also has a seven-layered shelf on each side of its base, all of which come together at the top in a cone-like shape.


The Bookshelf holds an entry on each character in the Town Stages, enemy, boss and artwork from the Art Books that the player can encounter in Sonic Unleashed. By interacting with the Bookshelf, the player can look up information on the townspeople in the Town Stages that may or may not be revealed when talking with them, information on the enemies and hints on how to defeat them, or images of concept art from the development of Sonic Unleashed. However, the entries in the Bookshelf do not display any info until the player makes a first interaction with their subjects (or collect them in the case of the Art Books) in gameplay. When that happens, the Bookshelf automatically fills out its entry, until all entries are covered. The Bookshelf's contents are split into three sections:

  • Data Archives: Contains the concept artwork from each Art Book the player has collected. It hold 71 entries.
  • Directory: Contains information and pictures on the people in the Town Stages that the player has met and talked to for the first time. It holds 98 entries.
  • Bestiary: Contains information and pictures on the enemies and bosses that the player has met for the first time. It is split between Dark Gaia's Minions and Eggman's Machinery, with the section on Dark Gaia's Minions holding twenty five entries and the section on Eggman's Machinery holding thirty entries.

The player can buy the Bookshelf from Josef's in Spagonia for three hundred Rings. After buying it, it can be found in Professor Pickle's Room in both the Spagonia and Shamar Town Stages where the player can interact with it.


  1. Oficial in-game description of the Bookshelf.

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