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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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This is the transcript of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Boogey-Mania".

[Sonic and Tails are standing in a dark and bushy field.]

Sonic: Enough traveling for today, Tails. Time to set up camp.

[Sonic runs off into the distance, rushes back with an oven. He runs off again, returning with a refrigerator, then again with a kitchen table and two chairs. He brings back a toaster, food processor, mustard, a white jar, another object and a portable television. He also throws two pots and a pan onto the oven. Tails walks over to the table.]

Tails: Man, watching you work sure makes me hungry.

[Sonic, wearing chef gear, stands beside the oven.]

Sonic: I'll whip up my chef special.

[Sonic opens up the pot, revealing hot dogs in boiling water. Using a fork, he takes one and puts it in a hot dog bun. Using a squeeze bottle, he puts chili on it. Then, he finishes it off by putting a spoonful of chili from a large container on the side. He gives the dish to Tails, who is sitting at the table. Tails licks his lips, when they hear a silly car horn. Along a nearby path, a yellow car is coming up to the duo with a man laughing. It stops near their camp with the man, a clown, poking himself out of the car, which is obviously too small for him.]

Clown: Do you know the way to Wacko City?
Sonic: Nope, never heard of the place.
Clown: Well, that's okay, cause I'm not going there anyway!

[The clown laughs, but one of the tires on his car pop. He looks in anger as Tails walks over to beside Sonic with his chili dog.]

Tails: Too bad, hope you got a spare.

[The clown hops out of the car.]

Clown: Don't need a spare, just a patch...

[The clown grabs a patch from one of his pockets and sticks it to the deflated tire, then brings out an air pump.]

Clown: ...and a pump full of air!
Tails: Ha, ha, he's funny!
Sonic: Yeah, but what's a clown doing in the middle of nowhere?

[The clown starts inflating his tire, but his nose inflates as well.]

Clown: Big noses run in my family!

[The clown pulls his tongue, returning his nose to normal. Tails laughs.]

Tails: He cracks me up.

[The clown takes his car and condenses into into a small box.]

Sonic: I've heard of compact cars, but this is ridiculous!
Clown: Well, I better be on my way. Toodle-do!

[The clown pulls out a unicycle from his pocket. He then reaches over at Tails and grabs his chili dog.]

Tails: Hey, that's not funny, that's my lunch!

[The clown rides off into the distance.]

Sonic: Come on Tails, let's nab him.

[Sonic runs off, removing his chef gear, with Tails following up behind him. They stop at a cave, where they can hear the clown laughing.]

Sonic: Sounds like that clepto-clown went in there.

[They walk into the cave, unknown to them that Coconuts is following behind them.]

Coconuts: Maybe this is my chance to catch that hedgehog. Yeah, yeah!

[Sonic and Tails stop at a room.]

Sonic: I don't believe it!

[The clown is in a room full of scientific utilities, juggling a number of objects, including the chili dog. A scientist named Von Schlemmer is sitting in a chair with scientific contraption on his head, listening to him tell jokes.]

Clown: He was so dumb, he took a ruler to bed to see how long he slept!
Von Schlemmer: Ha ha, this is funny stuff! Who writes your material?

[Sonic and Tails walk over.]

Sonic: Professor Von Schlemmer? What are you doing here?
Von Schlemmer: The great Von Schlemmer? He's here? Where?! Oh, heh heh, that's me. Oh, I'm just enjoying my dream clown.
Sonic: Dream clown? What do ya mean?

[Von Schlemmer turns a wheel on the machine beside him.]

Von Schlemmer: First, I'll put him away, and then I'll explain.

[The clown gives back the hot dog to Tails, putting away the rest of its juggling objects.]

Tails: Hey, gracias amigo!

[The clown is pulled back into the machine through a horn-like contraption on top of it.]

Sonic: Where'd he go?
Von Schlemmer: Back into my noggin.

[Von Schlemmer takes the hat off.]

Von Schlemmer: To my dream world!
Sonic: Professor, you've invented some really nutty contraptions, but this one tops them all!

[Coconuts is peering into the room, spying on them.]

Coconuts: Wow, a dream-gizmo! When I tell Doctor Robotnik about this, he'll give me a promotion! Oh, that means no more bathroom patrol!

[Coconuts runs off out of the cave as Von Schlemmer turns the wheel on his dream machine.]

Von Schlemmer: This is my dream-a-majig, patent pending! It's extremely, enormously and unbelievably complicated, took me over fifteen minutes to invent.
Tails: Sounds great, but I don't get it.
Von Schlemmer: It brings characters from one's dreams into the real world.
Sonic: Hey, that's unzippin' believable!

[At Robotnik's lair, Coconuts has returned and is talking to Robotnik. Robotnik is sitting in his chair with Coconuts in front of him.]

Coconuts: As soon as I saw the dream-a-majig, Doctor Robotnik, I knew you'd want to know about it!
Robotnik: Indeed, if I had that machine, I could terrorize all of Mobius.
Coconuts: I guess this means I'm finally getting my promotion, huh?
Robotnik: Promotion?! What for?! You should've swiped the machine and brought it to me, you nimcombot!
Coconuts: But, but...

[Robotnik gives Coconuts a mop and bucket. He sits back down and puts his hand on a lever.]

Robotnik: I'm demoting you to scrub monkey third class. Now go and mop up the dungeon.

[Robotnik pulls the lever, opening the floor underneath Coconuts. He falls into the dungeon. Outside the room, Scratch and Grounder fly through the door and fall on the floor having been snooping on the whole conversation.]

Robotnik: Snooping as usual, I see?
Scratch: Not me! I didn't hear nothing about Von Schlemmer's dream-a-majig!
Grounder: Uh, me neither! Especially I didn't hear the part about the clown...
Robotnik: Stop jabbering, you dingbots! I'm formulating a plan to take advantage of this unexpected turn of events.
Grounder: And a brilliant idea it is, Your Sneakiness.
Scratch: It's a work of genius!
Robotnik: Idiots! I haven't thought of it yet, you bootlickers!
Grounder: Ooh, but when you think of it...
Scratch: I know it'll be marvellous!
Robotnik: That's true...ah ha! I have just come up with a magnificent scheme. Now you may lick my boots.

[The two stick out their tongues in disgust.]

Grounder: I hate this part.

[In Von Schlemmer's cave lab, Von Schlemmer continues to work on his dream-a-majig, turning its wheel, making it squeak loudly.]

Tails: Your dream-a-majig sure got some serious squeaks!
Sonic: Yeah, you either need some oil or a mouse trap.
Von Schlemmer: It could use a rare oil found deep in the impenetrable jungle of the lost continent of Weeky-Deeky.
Tails: Man, that's on the other side of Mobius!
Von Schlemmer: Or you can pick up a can at the mini-mall on the corner of Main and Lexington.
Sonic: Tails, you stay here, I'll get the oil.

[Sonic dashes off out of the cave.]

Tails: Gee, I'd sure like to see your dream clown again!
Von Schlemmer: Me too! I'll bring him back for an encore.

[Von Schlemmer puts the helmet back on, bringing the clown out of the machine through the horn in its car. The clown sticks his head out of the side window, smiling. He exits the car.]

Clown: Boy, am I dry. I need a glass of water.

[The clown reaches into one of his pockets, bringing out a glass of water.]

Clown: Ah ha! This will do.

[The clown drinks the water, causing flowers to grow from his hat. Tails and Von Schlemmer laugh.]

Tails: I love clowns!
Von Schlemmer: He slays me!

[On the other side of the machine, Scratch and Grounder, dressed up as clowns, are spying on the group.]

Scratch: Now's our chance!

[Scratch and Grounder walk over to the professor, using false accents.]

Grounder: Come on professor, let's go for a spin!

[The two laugh, not realizing who the clowns actually are.]

Von Schlemmer: Goodie! But I don't think I can fit in there!

[Scratch opens the door of the clown's car for Von Schlemmer, letting him in.]

Scratch: There's plenty of room... in the glove compartment!

[Scratch pushes the professor into the car. Grounder grabs the dream-a-majig, while Tails, still laughing, continues to think it's all a joke.]

Tails: You guys are hysterical!
Clown: Hey, w-who are...

[The dream-a-majig is attached to the top of the car, which Scratch is now in. Grounder is standing beside the car. They activate the machine, putting the clown back.]

Grounder: Let's get out of here, step on it!

[They try to get going, but have difficulty getting around the small car.]

Grounder: No, no, step on the gas! The gas!

[They finally get their act together and drive off out of the cave. Tails is still laughing, distracting him from this. He finally comes around and notices everybody gone.]

Tails: Hey, where'd everybody go?

[Back in Robotnik's fortress.]

Robotnik: Unless you want to suffer the consequences, you'll convert your dream machine into a nightmare machine.

[Von Schlemmer is standing in front of Robotnik with the dream-a-majig.]

Von Schlemmer: I refuse! Nothing you can do will make me change my mind.
Robotnik: Everyone has his price! What if I gave you these priceless diamonds?

[Robotnik shows a large tray with a mountain of big diamonds.]

Von Schlemmer: Okie-dookie... what am I saying?! I look terrible in diamonds, never! My genius is not for sale!

[Coconuts enters the room with Tails struggling in a bag.]

Coconuts: Hey boss, look who I nabbed!
Robotnik: Don't bother me, Coconuts! Can't you see I'm busy violating the good doctor's human rights?

[Tails pops out of the bag.]

Tails: You guys aren't going to get away with this!
Robotnik: Ooh, lookie what we have here: Sonic's two-tailed little friend.
Coconuts: I did good, huh, Doctor?! Guess this means I get out of dungeon mop detail, huh?!
Robotnik: You are should've captured Sonic!

[He hands Coconuts a shovel and flashlight.]

Robotnik: Five miles of my sewer are plugged with crud and sludge. Go and clean it out!

[Robotnik pulls a lever, opening the floor underneath Coconuts, plunging him to the depths below. Tails, meanwhile rushes over to Von Schlemmer.]

Tails: Don't worry, professor, I'll handle Robotnik. I'll clean his clocks, I'll chew him up and spit him out!

[A large robot creeps behind Tails and grabs him, lifting him up.]

Tails: Whoa!
Robotnik: Throw him in the cell!
Tails: Now you're really making me mad!

[The robot leaves the room with Tails.]

Robotnik: Now get to work, or Tails will suffer the consequences!
Von Schlemmer: Okay, okay, you win! I'll need tools, get me a spectograph analyzer and a bobby pin.

[Back at the cave lab, Sonic has returned to find everybody gone.]

Sonic: They're gone! I don't like the looks of this. [Looks down to see some loose screws and nuts. He picks them up.] Hmm, a couple of bolts from those dopes, Scratch and Grounder. I'm gonna pay Ro-nut-nik a visit.

[Sonic rushes off out of the cave. Back at Robotnik's fortress, Von Schlemmer has finished the modifications to the dream-a-majig.]

Von Schlemmer: There, finished your miserable nightmare machine. Now, will you keep your promise and let us go?
Robotnik: Me, keep a promise?! Ha, that's rich! Fools! Idiots!
Grounder: Oh, you called?

[Scratch and Grounder enter the room.]

Scratch: Yes, Your Rottenness?
Robotnik: Throw Von Schlemmer in the cooler!

[Scratch and Grounder grab Von Schlemmer and lead him out. Robotnik, meanwhile, puts the dream-a-majig helmet on.]

Robotnik: Now, to set loose a hideous, horrible nightmare that will let me take over the whole planet.

[In his dark cell, Tails is singing to himself.]

Tails: Swing low, sweet chariot...

[The cell door opens. Scratch and Grounder kick Von Schlemmer into the cell.]

Scratch: Get in there, you old coot! [Slams the door and locks it.]
Sonic: New keys for old.

[Scratch and Grounder look over to see Sonic in disguise, a salesman disguise with moustache.]

Sonic: Get your brand new keys, right here!
Grounder: New keys for old?! Hey, that sounds like a good idea!
Sonic: Take a look at these babies. [Opens up his jacket showing a collection of keys.] See how fresh and new they are?
Scratch: Wow! Those are neat! Here, give me that shiny one.

[Sonic gives him one of the keys.]

Sonic: Here you go, and here's one for you too.

[Sonic gives a key to Grounder. They start to walk away.]

Scratch: Look how shiny my key is!
Grounder: My key is shinier!

[Sonic watches as they leave the area, with the key to the cell in his hands. He twirls himself, removing the disguise, and walks over to the cell, unlocking it. Von Schlemmer and Tails walk out.]

Tails: I knew you'd save us in the nick of time.

[A monster then gives off a huge yell, causing Tails and Von Schlemmer to hug in fear.]

Sonic: Sounds like I got some more saving to do.

[Sonic dashes off, leaving Tails and Von Schlemmer behind.] [Back at Robotnik's chair room, Robotnik is sleeping, and snoring, on his chair with the dream-a-majig's helmet on. After a couple of loud snores, a large grey monster comes out of the horn of the dream-a-majig. It reassembles a large ghost with three eyes. Robotnik wakes up as he hears it's yelps. He laughs for joy.]

Robotnik: How gorgeously gross! How fantastically frightful! Now, all of my Mobius will be under my power.

[Sonic runs into the room.]

Sonic: Not if I have anything to say about it.

[Robotnik grabs a microphone from the dream-a-majig.]

Robotnik: Now hear this, boogey-man. You are my nightmare, and you will do as I command. Destroy that pesky hedgehog!

[Sonic reacts in fear as the monster continues to yell. He looks over to see a status of Robotnik's bust and grabs it.]

Sonic: This'll stop ya!

[Sonic throws the statue at the machine and hits it, Robotnik covers his face with one of his arms. An electric aura appears around the monster as it grimaces and cowers. It eventually overcomes this and becomes angrier. Robotnik laughs.]

Robotnik: Now my worse nightmare is your worst nightmare!

[The monster corners Sonic in the room.]

Robotnik: I got you, hedgehog! I got you at last!

[The monster pushes it's arms forward and unleashes yellow blasts of energy at Sonic. Sonic jumps around, avoiding the blasts.]

Robotnik: Give it up, hedgehog! You'll never escape from my indestructible boogey-man!

[The angry boogey-man rushes at Sonic. Before it can grab him, Sonic dashes away and up a wall as it follows him. It can't react in time and it smashes into the wall. Sonic, back on the ground, rushes back to Tails and Von Schlemmer. They are still beside their cell, playing Tic-Tac-Toe on the wall.]

Sonic: Time to speed, keeds!
Tails: Aww!

[Sonic grabs Von Schlemmer and rushes off, Tails pursues by flying.]

Tails: Sonic, wait up!

[Back in Robotnik's room, the roof is crumbling due to the boogey-man crashing into the wall.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog! Get back here, boogey-brains!

[A piece of the roof debris falls on Robotnik's hand, causing him to drop the microphone. The boogey-man returns to the room through the hole he made in the wall. The roof stops crumbling as Robotnik digs through the debris to find the microphone.]

Robotnik: Where's that blasted microphone? I got to find it before that boogey-bum destroys my domicile! [Finds the microphone.] Ah, here it is!

[The boogey-man yells, causing Robotnik to look up. He yelps in fear as he sees the monster coming toward him in anger. It jumps on Robotnik then continues on, crashing into a wall. Robotnik grumbles in annoyance, then being hit by more falling debris. Despite this, the microphone remains on top of the dust, so Robotnik grabs it.]

Robotnik: That was lucky, he didn't step on the microphone; I can still control him.

[Outside Robotnik's fortress, Sonic, with Von Schlemmer, rushes down the mountain. They stop as Tails is able to catch up.]

Tails: Phew! What a close call, but we're safe now.
Sonic: I wouldn't bet on it, little buddy. I think our problems are just beginning.

[In a village filled with many small houses, a citizen is raking his lawn with a cartwheel full of corn beside him. He is scatting while he works. The boogey-man passes behind him so fast that the corn pops into popcorn. The citizen looks up in fear as he sees the Boogey-man on top of the pile of popcorn, yelling.]

Citizen: Yikes! It's the boogey-man!

[The citizen runs away as the boogey-man continues through the village. Meanwhile, Robotnik is following the boogey-man in his Egg-O-Matic, giving it orders through the microphone.]

Robotnik: Scare everybody out of their pants, I want the village cleared! I just live for these mean moments.

[As the boogey-man continues its rampage through the village, many citizens are running away in fear. Scratch and Grounder exit one of the houses after looting it. Grounder is standing in front of a large truck full of looted items.]

Scratch: Hey, look at all the neat stuff I swiped!
Grounder: Yeah, with boogey-man scaring everyone away, we can take whatever we want.

[Robotnik arrives at Scratch and Grounder's position.]

Robotnik: Stop yakking and hurry up! We got lots of villages to loot!

[The duo are bowing down to him.]

Scratch: Yes, Your Repulsiveness. What a plan!
Grounder: You're the best of the worst!

[Sonic, Von Schlemmer and Tails, meanwhile, have made it to the village.]

Tails: Hey, look at those people in their underwear.

[The scared citizens, with no clothes on their backs other than underwear, run past the three.]

Sonic: Mobius won't be safe until that boogey-man is history!
Tails: How are we gonna stop him?
Von Schlemmer: There's only one way to get rid of the creature: soak it in vinegar and lemon juice.
Sonic: Vinegar and lemon juice?
Von Schlemmer: Oops! That's how you get rid of ketchup stains. Now I remember what to do!

[Back at Von Schlemmer's cave lab, Von Schlemmer is showing off a machine similar to the dream-a-majig.]

Von Schlemmer: There. My new invention, the dream-kadoodle, is finished.

[The machine looks smaller than the dream-a-majig, has the same wheel control, but instead of a horn, has a long pipe leading to a human-sized glass cylinder.]

Sonic: What does it do?
Von Schlemmer: It works just opposite from my dream-a-majig. Instead of bringing dreams out of people, it can put people into dreams!

[Von Schlemmer turns a knob, turning the inside of the cylinder into a purple rotating cloud.]

Von Schlemmer: Now, just leap into the cloud portal and you'll end up in Dreamsville. Or East Mobius. It's not quite perfected yet.
Tails: Cool! This is going to be fun!
Von Schlemmer: Dreamsville is a very unpredictable place, but somehow you must find the Dream Meister.

[Coconuts enters the cave and listens in.]

Von Schlemmer: Only the Dream Meister knows how to get rid of boogey-men.
Coconuts: If I can trap Sonic in Dreamsville, Doctor Robotnik will give me a promotion for sure!

[Coconuts runs into the cave.]

Sonic: Let's go, best bud! Up, over and gone!

[Sonic and Tails jump into the cylinder, transporting them to Dreamsville. Coconuts enters unnoticed as Von Schlemmer is working on the machine.] [Entering Dreamsville, Coconuts falls down what resembles the inside of a tornado, but the clouds are purple. He exits, landing on a brown cushy surface, which looks like a bumpy pillow with four legs. It yelps like a horse and runs off, with Coconuts still on its back. Elsewhere, a hybrid animal made up of the head of a pig, neck of a giraffe and a body of a chicken is standing around as Sonic and Tails run by, it makes the sound of a chicken and a hog.]

Tails: Man, Dreamsville sure is a weird place.

[They stop in a field full of trees with clocks on them. The clocks go off and fly away.]

Tails: Time sure does fly around here.
Sonic: Speaking of time, it's runnin' out. We gotta find the Dream Meister, pronto!

[Sonic and Tails dash off along a pathway leading to a mountain. Nearby, a woman is working at a phone switchboard, controlling dreams. She's talking into her headset.]

Dream Meister: Little Jimmy Jones is drifting off, I'll plug in dream 412: flying over city while endless number of teeth fall out; and for little Erica Garcia, dream 84-C: being in school and realizing she's wearing her own pyjamas and slippers.

[Sonic and Tails stop at the lady, Sonic taps her shoulder while she's working.]

Sonic: Uh... excuse me, Miss Meister, but we need your help.
Dream Meister: Sorry, no time, too busy. Come back tomorrow.

[Coconuts arrives aside, climbing up a corner, exhausted.]

Sonic: But tomorrow will be too late, we have a boogey-man problem!
Dream Meister: Well, why didn't you say so? Just follow these instructions.

[The Dream Meister takes out a clipboard and writes some directions down.]

Dream Meister: They'll do the trick.

[Tails takes the note.]

Tails: But this doesn't make any sense!

[The note is full of meaningless diagrams.]

Dream Meister: Sorry, that's the best I can do, I'm already fifteen-thousand dreams behind, and it's only midnight. Good night. [Pulls down a cover.]
Sonic: I'll figure it out later, we better get back to the real world.

[Sonic and Tails dash away. Meanwhile, at another location, Coconuts is covering a hole in the ground along a pathway with large leaves.]

Coconuts: This bottomless pit will get rid of Sonic forever! I'll just put this exit sign right!

[Conconuts puts a large sign with arrows and the word 'OUT' near the hole. Using his hammer, he goes to force the sign into the ground, but hits it too hard, destroying it. Suddenly, a large creature pops out of the ground where the sign was and screams. Coconuts yells in fear. The creature, like a large bear with a Human face, gets out of the ground and chases after Coconuts down the path.] [Back at Von Schlemmer's lab, Sonic and Tails exit the cylinder back to the real world.]

Von Schlemmer: Well, how was Pittsburgh?
Sonic: Don't you remember? We went to Dreamsville.
Von Schlemmer: Oh, yeah, of course, how's the Princess Hoochy-Koochy?
Tails: You sent us to find the Dream Meister.
Von Schlemmer: I did? Huh, well, you have an honest face, son, you gotta be right.

[Sonic pulls out the instructions.]

Sonic: And she gave us this to get rid of the boogey-man.

[Coconuts exits the cylinder, disoriented and confused. He hides behind a table leg.]

Von Schlemmer: It's a list of ingredients. Hmm...pump oil, red dye number 40, Dextrose, Sodium Nitrate, empty calories and gooey fat.
Tails: What the hooey is that junk?
Sonic: You said it old buddy, old pal: junk food!
Von Schlemmer: Of course! I should've thought of that, we need a mega boogey-man to scare Robotnik's boogey-man right back into his dreams!
Sonic: I get your drift, Professor, when Tails binges on junk food, sometimes he's hit with a humongous nightmare.

[Von Schlemmer takes out a metal helmet with a horn on top of it.]

Von Schlemmer: Fortunately, I just perfected my new-and-improved porta-dream-a-majig.
Sonic: Great! We'll just load Tails up with junk food.

[Sonic dashes off and quickly returns with a large pile of junk food.]

Tails: Oh boy, what an appetizer!
Sonic: Start scarfing, pal, we need a junk food boogey-monster, pronto!

[Tails starts eating the food.]

Tails: Mmm! Delicious!

[Sonic, Tails and Von Schlemmer hear screams as the village citizens run past their cave with the boogey-man following. Sonic and Von Schlemmer run outside, with the porta-dream-a-majig.]

Von Schlemmer: It's too late! Robotnik's boogey-man is running amok! We're goners!
Sonic: Not if I can get boogey-breath back into Robotnik's dream.

[Sonic grabs the machine and runs off. Elsewhere, Robotnik is in a forest, standing on top of a mountain of looted material with the microphone.]

Robotnik: This is the easiest job of looting I've ever done. Okay boogey-buddy, start clearing out the next town, I'll catch up with you.

[Coconuts runs up to Robotnik's mountain of loot.]

Coconuts: Your Disgustingness, Sonic is onto you! He says he's gonna outsmart you!
Robotnik: No one can outsmart me! For I am Robotnik, evil genius extraordinary! How dare you insult me!
Coconuts: But...
Robotnik: Silence!

[Scratch and Grounder arrive with a wooden platform and lever, they put it on the ground.]

Robotnik: Get on that platform, Coconuts.
Coconuts: 'B-b-b-b-b-but I'm only trying to warn...
Robotnik: Get going!

[Coconuts reluctantly gets on the platform.]

Coconuts: But, what about my...

[Robotnik pulls the lever, opening the platform under Coconuts, sending him plummeting into a hole.] Promotiooooooooooon! [The two walk away with the platform as Coconuts crashes onto the bottom of the hole. Robotnik, meanwhile, is looking at a toaster.]

Robotnik: Hmm, nice toaster. I must remind my badniks to steal some bread for it.

[Sonic arrives, wearing his doctor disguise.]

Sonic: Hello, I'm Doctor Pimento, and you're condition concerns me.
Robotnik: My condition?! Uh..uh..what's wrong with me?!
Sonic: Nothing that a little rest won't cure.

[Sonic dashes off and returns with a bed, which Robotnik falls onto.]

Sonic: You're under too much pressure.
Robotnik: You're telling me.

[Sonic dashes off again and returns with a tray of cookies and milk.]

Sonic: Here's some milk and cookies to help you sleep.

[Robotnik eats a cookie and drinks the milk. Sonic takes the tray away as he returns with a plushy bear, which he gives Robotnik, and music box. He opens up the box as it plays a lullaby.]

Sonic: Here, cuddle this. Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby and good night.

[Sonic closes the box and runs off. Robotnik starts sucking his thumb. Sonic returns with the porta-dream-a-majig and puts it on Robotnik's head.]

Sonic: Now, for your nightcap.

[The boogey-man arrives and starts firing energy blasts at Sonic, which he avoids. Tails, meanwhile, is behind the bed with a microphone, with a little more weight than usual.]

Tails: Go get him, junk food boogey-guy! Use your ketchup and mustard cannons.

[The boogey-man, which is literally made a large being made up of fast food, yells, scaring the boogey-man. The junk food boogey-man walks toward the other. The boogey-man fires its energy blasts while the other fires its mustard and ketchup cannons, both of which put them at a stalemate, until the ketchup and mustard cannons gain the upper hand and hit the boogey-man. The boogey-man starts fizzing and runs into the porta-dream-a-majig in fear as Robotnik sleeps. Sonic, now without his disguise, takes off the machine, waking up Robotnik.]

Sonic: Mobius' nightmare is over, and Robotnik's is just beginning.

[Tails is talking to his boogey-man.]

Tails: Great work big buddy, we make a pretty mean team!

[The junk food boogey-man smiles with joy as Von Schlemmer arrives. Sonic gives Tails a celebratory slap.]

Sonic: You did good, pal!
Tails: Hey, no problem, all in a nap's work.
Sonic: You sure packed away a lot of junk food there.
Tails: Yeah, I know.

[His fatter-than-normal stomach gurgles causing him to burp.]

Tails: I think I need something to settle my stomach. Boogey-buddy, do me a favor, will ya? Go get me a chili dog!
Von Schlemmer: Make that two!
Sonic: Make that twelve-thousand, two-hundred and seventy.
Von Schlemmer: Really?! Twelve-thousand, two-hundred and seventy?!
Sonic: Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?

[Sonic snaps his right thumb and index finger. the screen irises out on him as he winks his right eye, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic and Tails have sleeping bags set up in front of a boulder. Tails is in his sleeping bag, watching a portable television, as Sonic gets into his sleeping bag. Tails turns to Sonic.]

Tails: But Sonic, I wanna stay up and watch "The Late Late Late Show"!

[The flickering images of Sonic and Dr. Robotnik can be seen on the portable television.]

Sonic: Okay, but don't blame me if you're too tired to go hiking tomorrow.

[The next morning, Sonic gets out of his sleeping bag. He yawns and stretches.]

Sonic: Rise and shine, little bro!
Tails: Time for the hike already? I don't feel so good.

[Sonic, who is wearing a yellow hat and a green backpack, walks up to Tails and pats his body with his right hand.]

Sonic: Time for you to get some rest!

[Sonic turns to the viewers.]

Sonic: Not getting enough sleep can ruin your whole day.