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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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"Boogey-Mania" is the twenty-seventh episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the twenty-seventh episode, it aired as the thirteenth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic costumes

  • Chef
  • Key Exchanger
  • Dr. Pimento
  • Hiker (Sonic Says)


It starts with Sonic telling Tails that it's time to set up camp after adventuring. He runs and gets a variety of items, and starts making Chili Dogs after Tails tells Sonic he's getting hungry. Before Tails can eat, a small car shows up and a clown pops out and asks if Sonic or Tails have been to Wacko City. Sonic informs him that he's never heard of it. The clown says,"It's okay, because I'm not goin' there anyway!" and starts laughing. Then, mysteriously, one of his tires pops. Tails says that he hopes that the clown has a spare. But, the clown takes out an air pipe and starts pumping air into the tire. Sonic is suspicious about why a clown is in the middle of nowhere. Tails, meanwhile, is laughing at the clown's bad jokes. The clown then folds up his car, takes out a unicycle and cycles away after swiping Tails' chili dog, much to his dismay. Sonic and Tails start chasing after him and follow him into a cave where Coconuts, Dr. Robotnik's janitorial head and former member of the S.S.S.S.S.S., spies on them. As Sonic and Tails arrive in the cave, Sonic spots the clown juggling on his unicycle with various items (including Tails' chili dog) while Professor Von Schlemmer is in a chair listening to the clown while he tells a joke with a hat on his head that is connected to a red machine. The Professor tells Sonic and Tails about his Dream-A-Ma-Jig, a machine that can bring dreams to real life. He shows this by absorbing the clown (named Dream Clown) back into his head.

At Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Coconuts tells Robotnik about the Dream-A-Ma-Jig. Robotnik gets mad at Coconuts for not stealing it and puts him back on sanitation control. Scratch and Grounder have been snooping as usual on the conversation, and Dr. Robotnik sends them out to steal the machine and kidnap Von Schlemmer.

Back at Von Schlemmer's cave, Sonic leaves to get oil for the machine. The Professor and Tails are being entertained once again by the Dream Clown. Scratch and Grounder disguise themselves as clowns and kidnap Professor Von Schlemmer and steal the Machine. Tails is left all alone.

At Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik convinces Professor Von Schlemmer to make him a nightmare machine. Von Schlemmer only agrees because Coconuts has kidnapped Tails and Robotnik only assures Tails' safety if Von Schlemmer cooperates.

Back at the cave Sonic finds bolts from Scratch and Grounder and figures out that they have taken his friends.

Von Schlemmer finished the machine. Robotnik tells Von Schlemmer he never keeps a promise and Von Schlemmer is thrown in the dungeon with Tails. Sonic comes in disguise as a key exchanger and rescues his friends. Meanwhile, Robotnik has been sleeping to let a nightmare escape. He brought his Boogey Man into the real world, which wakes him up. Sonic and his friends escape, but Robotnik commands the Boogey Man with his microphone to destroy Sonic. Sonic picks up a statuette and throws it at the Nightmare Machine, which stuns the Boogey Man for a few moments, but the Boogey Man recovers and begins to rampage through Mobius. Robotnik's microphone is hit by debris and he drops it under a pile of sand and tries to dig through the sand with his bare hands to find it. He finds it but the Boogey Man comes along and pushes downwards on him so he falls back into the sand. He is hit by more debris and is stunned for a second. He gets up and picks up the microphone.

As the Boogey Man scares everyone away and out of their pants, literally, Scratch and Grounder go through their houses and loot all their things. Sonic and Tails go through town to find pants in front of every house and to find people in underwear with no pants running away. Professor Von Schlemmer reveals his latest invention, the Dream-Kadoodle which allows Sonic and Tails to go into Dreamsville. He tells them to find the Dream Meister and have her tell them how to get rid of the Boogey Man. Coconuts follows the duo into the transporter.

In Dreamsville, Coconuts gets tormented by monsters. Sonic and Tails find the Dream Meister and she gives them instructions written in a strange language to get rid of the Boogey Man. Coconuts tries to get rid of Sonic and Tails in a bottomless pit but his plan goes wrong when he hammers the exit sign he needed into a part of the grass which happened to be the top of a dream monster's head, who chases Coconuts. Sonic and Tails return to the real world and give the list to Professor Von Schlemmer who reads off ingredients to junk food, while Coconuts also returns to the real world and eavesdrops on their conversation. They decide to have Tails eat lots of junk food so he'll be able to make a Junk Food Boogey Guy to scare Robotnik's Boogey Man back into his dreams because of the occasional humongous nightmare caused by bringing on junk food.

Coconuts tries to warn Robotnik about Sonic's plan to outsmart him but Robotnik says no one can outsmart him and says "How dare you insult me!" Sonic stalls Robotnik disguised as a doctor with some milk and cookies, a teddy bear and a music box that plays a lullaby and quickly puts him to sleep, Robotnik sucking his thumb. Sonic then sneaks the Porta-Dream-A-Ma-Jig onto Robotnik's head. Tails' Junk Food Boogey Guy is then ready. Tails commands his monster with his microphone who quickly defeats Robotnik's monster with his mustard and ketchup cannons and the Boogey Man is scared back into Robotnik's head via the Porta-Dream-A-Ma-Jig. Sonic then takes the device off Robotnik's head which wakes Robotnik up. Sonic then declares that Mobius' nightmare is finally over and Robotnik's is just beginning. Sonic thanks Tails and jokes about Tails' belly, saying that he "sure packed away a lot of junk food". Tails burps and decides that he needs something to settle his stomach, so he sends his "Boogey Buddy" to get a chili dog. Von Schlemmer tells him to make that two chili dogs and then Sonic tells him to make that 12,270 chili dogs. Von schlemmer asks "Really? 12,270?" and Sonic replies "Hey. A guy can dream can't he?"

Sonic Says

Sonic lets Tails stay up to watch the late late night show. The next day, Tails is too tired to go hiking. Sonic talks about the importance of getting a good night's sleep and how not getting enough sleep can ruin one's whole day.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Mandibule Mandible
German Die Boogeymonster The boogey monsters
Italian La macchina degli incubi The machine of nightmares
Japanese 夢マシン Dream Machine
Portuguese (Portugal) Confronto de Papões Confrontation of Boogars
Spanish (Spain) El hombre de las pesadillas The man of nightmares
Spanish (Latin America) Espantomanía Frightfulness


  • The alternate name of this episode is "Dream on".
  • When disguised as a doctor, Sonic introduces himself as "Dr. Pimento". This is a play on words combining Dr. Demento with pimento. Pimento is a type of chili pepper, probably used here because Sonic loves chili (dogs). Dr. Demento is a famous radio broadcaster.
  • The melting clocks in Dreamsville resemble The Persistence of Memory, a popular painting by artist Salvador Dalí.
  • In the Sonic Says segment, Tails is watching a TV show of the flickering images of Sonic and Dr. Robotnik.
  • When Sonic is dressed as a chef, he is seen without gloves on his hands.
  • Dr. Robotnik's line "snooping as usual, I see?" has become an Internet meme in 2007, due to the emphasis Robotnik puts on the syllables "ping as" sounding like something vulgar.