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Team Sonic Racing
Boo's House

Boo's House is a race track that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is based off of Sandopolis Zone and Pyramid Cave.


One of the entrances of Boo's House.

Boo's House is a circuit located in Sandopolis, a desert region on Angel Island. The track itself leads through an echidna temple in the middle of the day, and passes through the interior and exterior of the temple. The track has several haunted statues, swinging axes, and quicksand spots, and is haunted by malicious Boo and Boom Boo ghosts.

In the background, one can see grandstands which cheering Chao sit. King Boom Boo, the king of the Boos and Boom Boos, can also be seen along this track. He appears at certain points along this track and shows the player where to go while laughing at the racers.


Along the Boo's House track are numerous spots with moving sand that only Technique-Type characters can drive across without losing speed. There are also Egyptian stone markers and pots along this route that Power-Type characters can bash through in order to earn Rings. Alternatively, the player can destroy these stone markers and pots using different Wisp power-ups. In a non-Power-Type character collides with these stone markers and pots, they will lose Rings and spin-out temporarily.

In the spacious chamber with columns that the racers race through about halfway through this track, there will be Boos who appear between the columns from time to time. These Boos will create a barrier of purple flames in the gap between the different sets of columns. These barriers will inflict damage on all racers who try to pass through them. There is also giant axes along this track that regularly fall down in a specific spot before pulling themselves back up again, which the player has to avoid.


Map of Boo's House.

The race starts out in a canyon while a sandstorm is raging. As soon as the race starts, the player should drive along the middle of the route in order to avoid the moving sand sections and stone markers that sit on the edges of the road. Technique-Type characters and Power-Type characters on the other hand can make use of these hazards. Eventually though, the road leads into the desert temple. Upon entering the entrance, the player will immediately after go off a ramp and be send flying into the interior of the temple. Once inside, the road will lead across a wooden scaffold before turning sharply to the right at some columns. While turning, the road becomes more twisty as it runs along the wall, before heading down on the floor again. Once down on the floor, the road will head into a long straight corridor. At the end of this corridor, there will be a ramp in the middle of the road that the player can jump off of, and on each side of the ramp is a Boost Pad. Regardless of whether the player choses the ramp of the Boost Pads, the road will head downward before heading sharply to the left.

Following that turn, the road will head downward again. During this road's descend, there will be two successive ramps in the middle of the road that the player can utilize to pull of more stunts and increase their speed. After that, the player will enter a spacious chamber with columns where the Boo will set up their hazardous fire barriers at different points. After passing through this chamber, the road turns sharply to the left again and lead towards a large hall. Upon entering this large hall, two wooden ramps will appear on the left and right. Regardless of whether the player takes the ramps or the middle road, the main road will descend further down and eventually turn sharply to the left again. Immediately after the leftward turn, the road will head further down from there. Along this descending route is another ramp that the player can jump off.

From here, the player enters the last chamber on the track. Here, the player can take two possible paths. The first route is the main road on the left. On the right and left side of this road, however, are moving sand patches with stone markers protruding from them. In addition, the player also has to watch out for a falling axe. The second route the player can take is the road on the right. This route is straight, but it has several falling axes on the wall next to it. Regardless of which route the player takes, both of them will eventually recombine into one road. From there, the road will lead towards a wide spring. After bouncing off that wide spring, the player will be sent into a portal that takes them back to the beginning of the track. While flying through the air, the player can pull off several stunts. Upon landing, the player only has to head straight forward to hit the finish line.

Boo's House also has its own mirror image version of it where the left and right sides are interchanged.



Concept artwork

Promotional screenshots



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Boo's House: Intro Fly-by" SEGA / Tee Lopes & Jun Senoue 0:19
"Boo's House: Lap Music" SEGA / Tee Lopes & Jun Senoue 3:03
"Boo's House: Final Lap" SEGA / Tee Lopes & Jun Senoue 1:05
"Boo's House: Goal" SEGA / Tee Lopes & Jun Senoue 0:11



Team Sonic Racing Boo's House (Knuckles) 1080 HD

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