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Bonus Stages in Sonic Spinball (8-bit) are special areas that the player can visit separate from the main game. There are a total of four Bonus Stages to complete.

The player can play the Bonus Stages after passing through the regular levels, meaning they are played in-between levels automatically.


The Bonus Stage takes place in Egyptian-themed levels.


The Bonus Stages are sidescrolling levels similar the those in the main game. The layout is less complicated and comprises of three interconnected cages. The passage to the next cage is opened by collecting at least half of the available Rings in that section. Each level has Rings, bumpers, treasure boxes, and mechanical birds (or fish) enemies. The treasure boxes can be opened by being jumped on three times and will award the player with 1,000 points, ten Rings, a 1up, a continue, or extra time.

If the Bonus Stage is completed in time then the player gets to keep all the bonuses they have acquired. If not however, they will lose everything collected.


Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A N/A 1:35
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