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For Bonus Stages in general, see here.

Bonus Stages in Knuckles' Chaotix are special areas that the player can visit separate from the main game. Bonus Stages can be accessed by entering the Giant Rings that are hidden in the regular Stages if the player has at least twenty Rings.



When entering the Bonus Stage, the player free-falls in 3D perspective through an endless pit. Items are scattered around. The player can hit the block to obtain an item. When the Rings are out, the player will exit the Bonus Stage.


Ring Adds one Ring
Bonus Yellow Spring Chaotix.png
Yellow Spring Bouncing back upwards a short distance (up to 3 times)
Bonus Red Spring Chaotix.png
Red Spring Bouncing back upwards a long distance (up to 3 times)
Bonus Ring Chaotix.png
10 Rings Giving 10 Rings
Bonus Point Chaotix.png
500 Points Giving 500 points
Bonus Slot Chaotix.png
Slot When collected, the slot reel to determine the next area is slowed down
Bonus Combi Chaotix.png
Combi Catcher When collected, the Combi Catcher allows a free choice of partner and does not swap spots between characters
Bonus Up Chaotix.png
Speed Up Increases falling speed
Bonus Down Chaotix.png
Speed Down Decreases falling speed
Bonus Damage Chaotix.gif
Damage Losing Rings
Bonus Exit Chaotix.gif
Exit Ends the Bonus Stage



Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Tachy Touch" Junko Shiratsu, Mariko Nanba 1:15