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The Bonus Chance on the loading screen of the Grand Prix event.

The Bonus Chance is a game mechanic that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is a fruit slot machine for giving the racers a bonus which can give them an edge in their upcoming races.


Similar to the slot machine, the Bonus Chance has three slots, each consisting of different fruit icons.


The Bonus Chance appears on the loading screen for Grand Prix races and on the "Casino" spaces during World Tours (in the former case, it disappears after the loading screen is gone). In all cases, the Bonus Chance can grant the player prizes to be equipped with from the beginning of the next race the player is about to start by inserting five Tokens into the machine and pressing the Accelerate button. This can be done multiple times as long as the player has tokens to pay. Should three identical fruits appear in every slot, it gives one of the following prizes:

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The Bonus Chance during the World Tour event.

  • Pickup item: Gives one regular Pickup items (except All-Star Items) at the start of the next race.
  • 3X items: Gives one Pickup item for each completed Lap.
  • Weapon shield: Gives a shield that lowers other racers' weapon effects. Which weapon it affects depends on the type of the shield.
  • Titanium frame: Gives a frame that lowers speed reduction when taking a hit from obstacles or other racers.
  • Auto Boost: Gives an automatic Boost start from the beginning of a race without the need to accelerate when narrator counts down when starting a race.

Note that if the player gets a bonus, they cannot charge the Bonus Chance slot machine again until the next race in the Grand Prix and World Tour. Also, the Bonus Chance has a maximum of ninety nine Tokens to be inserted into it.

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