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Bonus Boxes contain a variety of one-off upgrades that can improve your chances of victory.

— Hint box, Team Sonic Racing

The Bonus Box[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a series of performance enhancer that can be equipped before a race in order to give a racer an advantage.


The Bonus Boxes, in terms of appearance, resemble the classic Item Boxes from the early Sega Mega Drive games in the Sonic series. As such, they look like simple, gray cubic televisions with a base below them, three buttons below their screen, and a red button on their left side. Their screens themselves each depict an icon that indicate the performance enhancement they grant.


In Team Sonic Racing, the Bonus Boxes consist of a series of different types of performance modifiers, each one with its own unique modification-granting ability that is identified by the icon on their screens.

These objects can be equipped to a racer just before a race. When equipped, depending on their ability, they will either grant the player one or more Wisp power-ups from the start of the race or bestow a specific enhancement to their performance for the duration of the race, such as extending the duration of the Team Ultimate or grant immunity to Slowdowns. However, a Bonus Box is only good for one use; afterward, it disappears, leaving the player to acquire new ones. The player can purchase a Bonus Box from Mod Pods, which give out random Bonus Boxes, for ten Credits each.

List of Bonus Boxes

Image Name Description
BlackBomb.png Black Bomb Start the race with a Black Bomb Wisp
BlueCube.png Blue Cube Start the race with a Blue Cube Wisp
CreditCollector.png Credit Collector Earn more Credits at the end of the race
CrimsonWisp.png Crimson Wisp Start the race with a Crimson Eagle Wisp
CyanLaser.png Cyan Laser Start the race with a Cyan Laser Wisp
ExtendedTeamUltimate.png Extended Team Ultimate Increased Team Ultimate duration
ExtraBoost.png Extra Boost Increased boost power
ExtraDriftBonus.png Extra Drift Bonus Faster charging Drift Boosts
FasterChangingUltimate.png Faster Changing Ultimate Faster changing Team Ultimate Meter
ItemBoxCloner.png Item Box Cloner Performing an Item Box Transfer gives a chance to keep a copy of your Wisp.
JadeWisp.png Jade Wisp Start the race with a Jade Ghost Wisp
LuckyBlackBombs.png Lucky Black Bomb Chance of Triple Black Bombs instead of singles
LuckyBlueCube.png Lucky Blue Cube Chances of Triple Blue Cubes instead of singles
LuckyOrangeRocket.png Lucky Orange Rocket Chance of Triple Orange Rockets instead of singles
LuckyWhiteBoost.png Lucky White Wisp Chance of Triple White Boost instead of singles
OrangeRocket.png Orange Rocket Start the race with a Orange Rocket Wisp
RaceBoost.png Race Boost Get an automatic Start Line Boost
RedBurst.png Red Burst Start the race with a Red Burst Wisp
SuperGrip.png Super Grip Immunity to Slowdown track surfaces
VioletVoid.png Violet Void Start the race with a Violet Void Wisp
WhiteBoost.png White Boost Start the race with a White Boost Wisp


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