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This article's name is conjectural.
Although this article is based on official information, the actual name of the article's subject is pure conjecture.

The Bomber Combatant is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventure. They are small anthropomorphic birds and the aerial bombers of the Battle Kukku Empire.


Bomber Combatants are humanoid birds with a large head covered by a orange round helmet and wide goggles. They have orange pointed beaks and feet and a white plumage. Unlike the majority of the Battle Kukku Empire, Bomber Combatants have full wings for arms.



Bomber Combatants are found in Lake Rocky, Lake Crystal and during the air strike section of the Battle Fortress. As the player approaches Lake Crystal in the last section of Lake Rocky, the player has to look out Bomber Combatants as Tails reaches the sea in his Sea Fox. There, Bomber Combatants hover close to the surface and start dropping black bombs down on Tails as he get too close to them. The player is unable to destroy the Bomber Combatants and they will fly away once they drop their bombs. At Lake Crystal, Bomber Combatants appear dropping bombs regularly, when Tails is trying to move towards a counter flow of the river. The player is still unable to defeat them.

At the Battle Fortress, Bomber Combatants have the same attack pattern. This time however, the player can attack them as Tails is flying up the corridor section in his Sea Fox. By using Anti-air Missiles, the Bomber Combatants can be defeated. Each one may also drop one Ring when defeated.