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You may be looking for Batbrain or Batbot.

Flying badnik that drops its explosive payload when destroyed.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

The Bombat is an enemy that appears in Sonic Rivals 2. They are a models of Badniks which are featured at Sunset Forest Zone.


Bombats flying in the boss battle against the Egg Crawler.

Bombats are blue-colored robots that resemble bats. They are usually seen flying in the air at one place. They do not have any direct offensive weapons to attack the player with, but when destroyed, bombs will spawn from their bodies and drop down to the ground, exploding on contact.

They are prominently featured in the battle against the Egg Crawler in Sunset Forest Zone where their abilities are an important part of the strategy for defeating the boss. The Bombat has been displayed as one of the game's collectible cards which can be obtained by scoring an S rank in Mystic Haunt Zone Act 3.

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