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The Bomb Snipe is an attack used by Rouge the Bat in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). When using this technique, Rouge snipes a foe with personalized bombs.


When performing the Bomb Snipe, Rouge pulls out a round and highly explosive colored bomb (colored in pink, white, cyan, and gray) and aims it at a target. Once set, Rouge throws the bomb at her target which detonates upon impact; if it does not hit an object or enemy, it will detonate seconds after.

In gameplay, the Bomb Snipe allows the player to attack enemies from afar with better accuracy. To perform the Bomb Snipe in gameplay, the player must hold down PSSquareButton.png/XboxX.png while on the ground. The game will then switch to a first-person view from Rouge's perspective, where the player can aim the shot with the bomb with the right stick. To fire the bomb, the player has to release PSSquareButton.png/XboxX.png, which will then return the perspective to normal.


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