Bomb Relay

Quotation1.svg Pass a bomb back and forth with your partner and reach the lake before it explodes. The team to reach the lake first wins! Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight (Game Rules), Sonic Shuffle

Bomb Relay is a 2 vs 2 minigame in Sonic Shuffle.


Quotation1.svg Pass the bomb when your partner says HEY for a speed bonus! HEY's okay, but "..." will slow you down. Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight (Advice), Sonic Shuffle

The two teams race towards a lake while tossing a bomb back and forth. Whenever one player carries the bomb, their teammate shouts "HEY!", at which point they must press DreamcastA.png to pass the bomb to them, repeating this until the minigame ends. Passing the bomb when the "HEY!" text is larger will give the team a speed boost. The team that reaches the lake first wins 20 rings.

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