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Quotation1 You! Get the lead out and do your job! I didn't even built you with lead! Quotation2
Dr. Eggman, Sonic Boom #6

The Bomb Driver is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom comic series published by Archie Comics. It was a robot created by Dr. Eggman to eliminate competing racers from the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix.


Bomb Driver is very similar to Orbot in terms of shape and height, and has a grey coloration with green segments at its joints. It has a spherical upper torso, thin arms, white glove-like hands, a thin bendable bar for a lower torso and a round footing. Its head is nothing more than a round black bomb with a fuse on top, and it wears a red fez and green groucho glasses with black lenses and brown hair.


Archie Comics


Bomb Driver and Knuckles, from Sonic Boom #6.

For Dr. Eggman's scheme to collect the bio-data of Team Sonic during the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix, he created Bomb Driver to take out Sonic during the race. Participating in the Grand Prix as a mystery racer, Bomb Driver stuck close to its creator for the majority of the race, until Eggman ordered it to go after Sonic. However, when it passed Knuckles, it ignored him when he tried to talk to it. This enraged Knuckles enough to punch it, making Bomb Driver detonate prematurely, though it still took Knuckles out of the race.[1]


Bomb Driver is silent and unquestioningly dedicated to Eggman's orders. Operating on a single-minded basis, its only focus is on its assignments, ignoring any disturbances along the way. As such, though it will register other people's presence, it displays a complete lack of interest in them.[1]

Powers and abilities

Essentially a walking bomb, Bomb Driver can detonate itself, creating an explosion powerful enough to send Knuckles and a go-kart flying, though using this ability will destroy Bomb Driver. It is as well a very decent go-kart driver.[1] As an Eggman robot, it is also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[2]


Being an Eggman robot, Bomb Driver relies on Eggman's lair to provide it with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then it will too.[2]


  • Bomb Driver's anatomy is similar to Orbot's suggesting it was based off his design.
  • The Bomb Driver's design is a reference to the Shriners, an international fraternal society whose members are known for wearing red fezzes and driving miniature cars in parades.


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