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Sonic Forces
Bomb Block 2

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Bomb Block 2 (ボムブロック 2 Bomuburokku 2?) is the second extra stage in Sonic Forces. It is unlocked after collecting forty Red Star Rings, and is playable only as the Avatar.


Plasma Cannon 1 takes place within the interior section of Network Terminal where many of the paths are made up of blocks and Containers (breakable and otherwise).


Bomb Block 2 is played entirely from a 2.5D side-scrolling perspective. In terms of layout, this extra stage is a straight path with several twists and turns.

Many of the paths the player will walk on in Bomb Block 2 are made of bomb-based red and black blocks. These bomb blocks can be walked on like any Container. However, when the player touches them, they will flash for about a second before detonating. If the player gets caught in a block bomb's explosion, they will take damage. In addition, one bomb block's detonation can set off a chain reaction that will make nearby bomb blocks detonate as well. Weaker Containers that make up the paths will similarly be destroyed by a block bomb's detonation.

Bomb Block 2 is akin to a puzzle and puts emphasis on trial and error. The player must be mindful about which bomb blocks they set off and where the Avatar stands when they go off, as most of the paths the player will walk on in this extra stage are influenced by the bomb blocks. If the player is in the wrong place at the wrong time, the bomb blocks' detonations will result in the Avatar losing the footing beneath their feet and falling down, usually into a bottomless pit.


When Bomb Block 2 begins, follow the path on the left. Along this path, the player has to get across a gap that is packed with bomb blocks; if those detonate, only a single Container plaform will be left to cross the gap with. Follow then the path past the first Star Post and set off the two local bomb block clusters to clear out the path.

From there, climb up to the second Star Post, and set off the bomb blocks there to clear out the path. However, the Avatar must stay on the Star Post's unbreakable Containers in order to have better chance of reaching the next section, which is in an enclosed room. Set off the bomb blocks in there to unveil a Spring. Use then that Spring to reach three sequential sections of bomb block platforms, which the Avatar has to get across quickly before they detonate, or the Avatar will fall into the abyss below.

After reaching the third Star Post, there will be two long, straight stretches of bomb blocks that lead to two normal Containers placed side-by-side. Only the one on the right is going to survive the explosions, so stand on that one and jump to the last set. The Container that survives the explosions in the last set is the one in the top left corner out of a group of three Containers. From there, the player can jump to the goal.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Network Terminal - Interior" Tomoya Ohtani 1:48

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