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Sonic Forces
Bomb Block 1

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Bomb Block 1 (ボムブロック 1 Bomuburokku 1?) is the third secret stage in Sonic Forces. It is unlocked after clearing Guardian Rock and is playable only as Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog (with the Episode Shadow DLC).


Bomb Block 1 takes place in Guardian Rock. The majority of the course through the stage leads through a maze made up of breakable and Unbreakable Containers.


Bomb Block 1 is played entirely from a 2.5D side-scrolling perspective. In terms of layout, this secret stage is a straight path with several twists and turns. The details of the level layout may vary however.

Some of the paths the player will walk on in Bomb Block 1 are made of bomb-based red and black blocks. These bomb blocks can be walked on like any Container. However, when the player touches them, they will flash for about a second before detonating. If the player gets caught in a block bomb's explosion, they will take damage. In addition, one bomb block's detonation can set off a chain reaction that will make nearby bomb blocks detonate as well. Weaker Containers that make up the paths will similarly be destroyed by a block bomb's detonation.

Rows of bomb blocks are sometimes the only platforms the player can walk on. As such, their detonation will result in the playable characters losing the footing beneath their feet and falling into the ever-present bottomless pit if they are not fast enough to escape.


When beginning the secret stage, enter the Container maze via the path on the right. After passing the first Star Post, the player has to make it through two sections where the detonation of a single bomb block will set of a chain reaction that will destroy the player's footing in a matter of seconds. After then passing the third Star Post, the player must set off another chain reaction of detonating bomb blocks in order to clear out the blockade obscuring the path ahead.

Once the path has been cleared out, travel up the incoming shaft and follow the path along across three platforms made up of block bombs. At the end of the path, climb up a number of platforms through a narrow shaft. Once at the top, hurry through a narrow passage made up of bomb blocks to reach the Spring that leads to the next Star Post. After that, the player has to pass through a section where one bomb block's detonation will start a chain reaction that will destroy the player's footing in a few seconds. Eventually, the player will hit a room filled with bomb blocks. This room's bomb blocks must be detonated in order to reach the goal within it.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Lost Valley" Tomoya Ohtani 2:37

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