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"Explosion (power-up)" redirects here. For the power-up in Sonic Riders, see Explosion (Sonic Riders).

Bomb[1] (エクスプロージョン[2] Ekusupurōjon?, lit. "Explosion"), also referred to as Smart Bomb[3] (エクスプロージョン[4] Ekusupurōjon?, lit. "Explosion"), Detonate,[5] and Explosion,[6] is an Item Box power-up that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When obtained, this power-up clears out all enemies on-screen.


The Item Boxes with Bomb typically feature or depict the icon of a black bomb with an ignited fuse. In gameplay, upon opening an Item Box with Bomb, all enemies that are visible on the screen in that moment will be destroyed, making it a useful item for clearing out areas.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure


Bomb made its first appearance in Sonic Adventure, and later in its enhanced port Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, where it is referred to as Smart Bomb[3] (エクスプロージョン[4] Ekusupurōjon?, lit. "Explosion"). In this game, the Item Boxes with Bomb contain the icon of a black bomb with an ignited fuse. Several explosive barrels can also be found at Twinkle Park, which have the same effect as the Bomb power-ups.

Sonic Adventure 2


A Bomb Item Box, from Sonic Adventure 2.

In Sonic Adventure 2 and its enhanced port Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, this power-up is referred to as the Bomb[1] (エクスプロージョン[2] Ekusupurōjon?, lit. "Explosion"). In this game, like in Sonic Adventure, the Item Boxes with Bomb contain the icon of a black bomb with an ignited fuse.

Sonic Generations

In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, this power-up is referred to as Explosion.[6] In this game, the Explosion can be identified with the icon of a round black bomb with an ignited fuse. However, it does not appear in this game as an Item Box power-up. Rather, it is a Bonus Item that the player can randomly earn once by playing an Internet Battle. However, the player only gets one chance per day to earn an Explosion.

Sonic Jump series

Sonic Jump (2012)

In Sonic Jump (2012), this power-up is once again called the Bomb. In this game, it can be found randomly inside TVs. In gameplay, when obtaining this power-up, its effect will persist for a short duration, thereby allowing the player to destroy any additional enemy that appears on the screen while Bomb is active along with those that already were on the screen when the power-up was activated. Bomb can also be bought from the game's shop for 100 Rings or 300 Rings for x5 bundle.

Sonic Jump Fever

Destroys Badniks and increases combo for extra points!

— Description, Sonic Jump Fever

In Sonic Jump Fever, this power-up is referred to as the Detonate for the first time. Like the power-up in Sonic Jump (2012), Detonates are found randomly inside TVs and when in use, all on-screen enemies will be destroyed for a short time. However, if the player falls off-screen, the effect immediately ends. The player can refresh the duration of Detonate by collecting additional Detonate TVs and extend its base duration by spending Rings to upgrade each individual user.

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