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Bombs (爆弾 Bakudan?), also called Explosion (エクスプロージョン Ekusupurōjon?), Mines and Bowling Bomb, are explosive items in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Playable characters are able to use to defend themselves or use them to their advantage. Unlike the hazardous obstacles with the same name, the player is able to use them. They are contained as power-ups, which the player is able to pick up from Item Boxes. Like the similarly named obstacle counterparts, the appearance of these items has been different through the whole series.

The first game to introduce useful bombs is known to be Sonic Drift. These types of bombs have made appearances in several different games, most of them being spin-offs. These bombs are not exploding, until the playable character has dropped them or thrown them into an opponent. The way how the player uses in each game appearances varies.

Game appearances

Sonic Drift series

Bombs first appeared in both Sonic Drift and Sonic Drift 2 where they are referred to as Mines. In these games, the bombs resembles metal balls with spikes on them. Whenever a playable character makes contact with a Bomb while racing, it will cause him/her to stop completely while spinning uncontrollably and make him/her lose Rings.

In both Sonic Drift games, Dr. Eggman has the special ability to toss bombs on the race tracks while racing on his Egg Typhoon after collecting two Rings.

In Sonic Drift 2, Fang the Sniper can drop yellow oil balls from his Marvelous Queen that can make opponents spin out of control on the racing track. Sonic Drift 2 also feature the Mine power-up which has effects similar to Eggman's own mines.

Tails Adventure

Tails 65

Tails throwing normal type of bomb in Tails Adventure.

In Tails Adventure, bombs are featured as items used by Tails in combat. While numerous Battle Kukku Army soldiers also use bombs, Tails is able to throw bombs into enemies to defend himself and break different stone walls. Every bomb in the game can be tossed by pressing 1-button.

Tails Adventure features several types of bombs that are can be found in item boxes scattered over the numerous stages in the game. After finding it, different bombs can be then equipped in Tails' House to be used normally in gameplay. Each type of bomb has specific features or can be powered-up versions of a previous type. Different types of bombs are listed below:

Picture Title Description
Normal Bomb TA
Regular Bomb (ノーマルボム Nōmarubomu?) Tails is already seen to have normal types of bombs in the game's beginning. Regular Bombs can blow up enemies away and break normal stone walls open.
Great Bomb TA
Large Bomb (グレートボム Gurētobomu?) Large Bomb is powerful weapon to destroy all enemies easily on the screen. These bombs also are the only ones to break more stronger walls. After tossing one Great Bomb, it takes several seconds to blow up.
Remocon Bomb TA
Remote Bomb (リモコンボム Rimokonbomu?) Remote Bombs are able to place anywhere, while they don't blow up immediately until the player has activated by pressing 1-button again. However it can also explode automatically, if enemy at the stage touches it before being activated.
Napalm Dan TA
Napalm Bomb (ナパームだん Napāmu Dan?) Napalm Bombs are able to create a wave of flames after tossing it to the ground. It is able to destroy obstacles, enemies and other things on the way. In one point of the game, the player has to use to get through tall grass.
Combo Bomb TA
Triple Bomb (コンボボム Konbobomu?) Triple Bombs while being powerful versions of Regular Bombs, can do a wider explosion radius, that even shakes the screen upon the impact.

Sonic Adventure


In Sonic Adventure, there are bomb-like power-ups called Explosion that can be found in item boxes. When the player collects one, it will destroy all enemies from on-screen once. Several explosive barrels can also be found at Twinkle Park, which can have the same effect as Explosion power-ups.

Sonic Adventure 2

Bombs in Sonic Adventure 2 are almost identical in purpose to the ones from Sonic Adventure. The Explosion power-up is featured once again in item boxes, and will blow up all enemies onscreen after collecting one. In mech shooting stages there is also dynamite set around, which both Eggman and Tails can destroy with their mechs to blow breakable walls, hatches, or other objects.

Sonic Battle

In Sonic Battle, bombs do not make a direct appearance, but more of a spiritual one. All characters as a part of their arsenal of special moves to select/equip or set to auto-block against, can use the "trap" type special move, which allows them to blind their opponents as they come in contact with their laid trap.

With a majority of characters save for Shadow (who throws out a distorted wandering orb of displaced space via Chaos Control) and one of Emerl's default skills (which lays out no trap whatsoever), they all lay down mines/remote bombs that only go off when another one is laid or when the opponent walks into its vicinity, auto-block on or not (or in Shadow's case, disappears when he throws out another trap of his).

Sonic Riders series

Bombs have also made appearances as usable items in both Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (where they are referred to as Explosion).

In gameplay, when the player obtains Explosion, a bomb forms in front of the player and starts rolling along the track. If the bomb makes contact with an opponent(s), he/she will lose some of their Rings and come to a sudden stop, giving the player the opportunity to catch up to the opponent. After some time, the bomb will explode and any opponent(s) caught in its blast will also take damage.

The player can obtain Explosion at random by touching one of the Item Boxes that lie scattered across the racing course. When obtaining it, a small rounded cube icon depicting a black bomb appears briefly on-screen.

In Survival Battle of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, the Explosion functions slightly differently. When the player obtains it, a bomb forms behind the player and a timer counting down from five seconds appear. During this time, the player can transfer the bomb to another opponent using Gravity Control. After the timer expires, the bomb explodes, damaging the holder and any opponent(s) caught in its blast.

In Survival Ball, the ball that is used in the field Megalo Junction functions like the Explosion. As soon as the match starts, the timer starts counting down. After the timer expires, the ball explodes which will paralyze any competitor caught in its blast.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Bombs are also seen making appearances in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing where they are renamed as Bowling Bombs. They can be collected from the item boxes in the tracks and can then be used against other racers.

On the console/PC version of the game, the Bowling Bomb is deployed by rolling it in front of other opponents, and being hit by one will cause the racer to slow down for while. In Nintendo DS version of the game, Bowling Bombs will create a large impact with the ground when deployed.

Sonic Jump (2012)

Bombs appear as a power-up item in the 2012 remake of Sonic Jump. The item can be found randomly inside Item Boxes. When found, the bomb will automatically be used to destroy all on-screen enemies for a short duration. Bombs can also be bought from the game's shop for 100 Rings or 300 Rings for x5 bundle.

Sonic Jump Fever

Quotation1 Destroys Badniks and increases combo for extra points! Quotation2
In-game description.

Bombs appear as a power-up item in Sonic Jump Fever under the name Detonate. Like the Bomb in Sonic Jump (2012), they are found randomly inside Item Boxes and when in use, all enemies that appear on-screen will be destroyed for a short amount of time. However, if the player falls off-screen, the effect immediately ends. The player can refresh the duration of Detonate by collecting additional Detonate TVs and extend its base duration by spending Rings to upgrade each individual user.


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