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The Bomb (ボムスロー Bomusurō?) is an attack used by Rouge the Bat in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). When using this technique, Rouge throws personalized bombs at her foes.


When performing Bomb in its simplicity, Rouge throws round and explosive colored bombs (colored in pink, white, cyan, and gray) at her opponent which detonates upon impact; if they do not hit an object or enemy, they will detonate seconds after. In gameplay, the thrown bombs have semi-homing capabilities, allowing them to lock onto nearby foes.

The execution of Bomb in gameplay depends on Rouge's position and the player's controls. If Rouge is standing still on the ground and the player presses Square/XboxX, Rouge will throw a single bomb at a nearby enemy. Alternatively, if the player presses Square/XboxX in the middle of a jump, Rouge will throw a single bomb at a nearby enemy from mid-air. Finally, if the player presses and holds down Square/XboxX in the middle of a jump, Rouge will charge up briefly before throwing a string of bombs nearby at nearby foes from mid-air which can target multiple enemies or deal heavy damage to a single target.





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