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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Well, I made it in one piece.... eh, roughly.

— Bolts, "Robots From The Sky Part 1"

Bolts is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an alien robot hero from Roboken, a city in the clouds above earth, and the sidekick of Mighton.[2][4]

Concept and creation

The voice of Bolts was based on that of Boo-Boo Bear, a Hanna-Barbera character from The Yogi Bear Show.[5]


Bolts is a relatively short humanoid robot with a round, neckless torso, akin to a frog's. His body is mostly light green with dark gray legs, sharp caps with dark gray tips and wheels for feet, and purple front lights on his chest. He also has long gray arms, small four-fingered hands, and light green wrists. On his head he has large black eyes with gray frames and thin purple pupils. He also has a dark gray stripe vertically across his head. On his back, he also has a pair of short fins.


TV series


Bolts hails from Morristown, a city in the clouds where sentient robots live together in harmony as equals within a government-less society. Alongside his companion Mighton, Bolts would become a benevolent hero to his robotic world.[2]

Season two

Bolts and Mighton coming to Eggman's aid.

While out flying, Bolts and Mighton crashed on Seaside Island when their spaceship got infected by malware. Looking around Hedgehog Village, the duo helped Dr. Eggman beat Team Sonic when they saw the team smash what the duo thought were innocent robots, and joined Eggman at his lair. After introducing themselves though, Bolts and Mighton saw that Eggman, despite his claims, was no friend of robots, prompting Eggman to imprison them to learn of Morristown's location. Eventually rescued by Team Sonic, Bolts and Mighton got their payback at Eggman, but Orbot and Cubot declined Bolts' offer to join them in Morristown. With Tails' aid, Bolts fixed his spaceship and went home with Mighton.[2] Upon their return though, they found Morristown under the control of Hypnobot, a Tails robot with the power to control robot AIs. With Hypnobot spreading his malware signal all over the world, Bolts and Mighton joined up with the Robot Resistance to stop Hypnobot. However, they had to stay in a lead-covered bunker, or Hypnobot would take control of them.[6]

When Sonic and Tails appeared in Morristown to stop Hypnobot's signal, Bolts took them into the resistance's bunker where they told them of their situation. There, Sonic and Tails offered to go after Hypnobot since they were not robots, which Bolts and his group approved of. After the duo beat Hypnobot by kicking him off of Morristown, Bolts and Mighton emerged to pick them up from the aftermath of their battle, with Bolts doing his best to treat Sonic's injuries.[6] Bolts then helped show Sonic and Tails around Morristown until Hypnobot returned with Eggman and his army to conquer the city. With the rest of Team Sonic coming to their aid, Bolts helped his allies fight the invaders, but when Hypnobot began turning Morristown's robots against them too (including Mighton), Bolts and Team Sonic had to retreat to the lead-lined bunker. There, Bolts created Team Cybonic, cyborg duplicates of Team Sonic immune to Hypnobot's power, to help them. After Team Sonic and Cybonic drove the invaders off and freed Morristown by destroying Hypnobot, Bolts and his people, now having Team Cybonic to help defend them, bid farewell to Team Sonic as they left their city (now renamed "Roboken").[7]

Mighton finds Bolts' lifeless body.

Finding Eggman in Roboken again, Bolts let him go after learning that the doctor was just there on vacation with his robot family, although not before Eggman took notice of Bolts' high IQ. Later, while at work, Bolts got tricked and captured by Morpho, thus allowing Eggman to steal Bolts' smart chip. This caused Bolts to shut down. Finding Bolts' body, Mighton brought him along on his hunt for Eggman. Eventually, Bolts was reactivated after Mighton got the smart chip back.[3]


Sentient and with free will and emotions, Bolts is calm, polite and intelligent. Kind and sympathetic towards robot-kind, Bolts is always ready to offer his fellow robots help or avenge them whenever he believes they are in trouble. Most noticeably, he offered Orbot and Cubot to come live in Roboken after seeing how Dr. Eggman abused them. Regardless, he is not indiscriminate towards robots, and is willing to oppose and harm robots that turn out to be evil.[2]

Bolts is not one to be hasty, preferring instead to have all the facts laid out before making a radical action.[2] He also has a peculiar way of describing certain actions, like referring to the passing of a paper map to someone as "transferring a map wirelessly".[6] He also sometimes uses big words and calculations when making regular conversations.[3]

Bolts is usually very confident in the field of mechanics, but has admittedly no skills when it comes to treating the injuries of non-robots. In situations where he does not know how to fix something, he uses duct tape, arguing that "duct tape fixes everything."[6] Like other residents of Roboken, he is also not very creative with names.[7]

Originally, Bolts did not think highly about organic beings. After meeting Team Sonic though, he came to realize that such lifeforms are not all bad.[2]

Powers and abilities

Bolts possesses telescoping arms and legs, which can stretch over long distances and are so durable that it takes a spin attack to snap them. With them, Bolts can reach far away areas, strike opponents at a distance, and stretch himself away from attacks. Also, by extending his arms far enough before detaching them, Bolts can wield them as ropes to tie up opponents. Also, should Bolts lose a limb, he can regenerate a new one in a manner of seconds. Alternatively, he can reattach his limbs, as long as they are intact. Thanks to the wheels on his feet, he can also move at high speeds.[2]

Like Tails, Bolts is highly intelligent in the fields of mechanics and electronics. Said to match Dr. Eggman in intellect,[8] he is capable of operating and tinkering expertly with both foreign and familiar technologies. This include either primitive machines, like cars, or advanced systems, like the computers in Eggman's Lair or Morristown's spaceships.[2] Most impressively however, he was able to create perfect cyborg clones of each member of Team Sonic in a short span of time.[7]


  • Smart chip: A chip-like processor that can calculate advanced mathematical formulas in no seconds flat. This is the source of Bolts' intelligence. Without it, he will cease to function.[3]



Bolts is the sidekick of Mighton, and his partner in their heroic efforts. Although Bolts has not demonstrated the same level of dedication to Mighton as Mighton has to him, Bolts still knows Mighton on such a personal level that he was able to tell that something was wrong when the shape-shifter Morpho tried to impersonate Mighton.[3]





Concept artwork



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