Quotation1.svg When you reach maximum speed, you'll turn into a bolt of lightning. Quotation2.svg
Tikal, Sonic Adventure[1]

The bolt of lightning is an attack used by Super Sonic in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It is the game's unique variant of the Super Sonic Boost. While similar to the Super Sonic Boost, it requires the player to gain speed before it activates. This technique was not officially named, but Tikal mentions that Super Sonic will "turn into a bolt of lightning" upon reaching maximum speed.


In the Last Story, when playing as Super Sonic, the player must perform the bolt of lightning to attack Perfect Chaos, or Sonic would simply be ejected out of Chaos' body. Perfect Chaos can be harmed even if Super Sonic has not reached maximum speed, but he still has to be going quite fast. To perform this move, Super Sonic must continuously accelerate until he gains enough speed. Super Sonic accelerates much faster in the air compared to the ground, so jumping will allow the bolt of lighting to occur faster. Dash Panels will also enable Sonic to move at the required high speeds as well. Sonic will then form a glossy light blue and ivory swirling aura around him. This aura will remain so long as Super Sonic is still moving at very high speed. If Super Sonic slows down, the aura will disappear.


  1. Tikal after the player has lost a life once.

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