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Bokkun (ボックン?), designated Messenger Robo (メッセンジャーロボ Messenjā Robo?),[2] is a character from the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is employed by Dr. Eggman to send messages to Sonic that come in the form of explosive televisions.




Bokkun with a Television Bomb.

Bokkun was apparently built at some point by Dr. Eggman to serve as a messenger, delivering exploding television sets to the intended recipients.

Chaos Emerald Saga

Early in the saga, after Knuckles' manipulation at the hands of Eggman turned out successful, Bokkun was tasked with messaging Sonic about the fight with Knuckles. He does so, and he manages to aggravate Sonic by exploding a Television Bomb upon him.

Chaos Saga

Shadow Saga

He once called upon the Egg Golem during the Shadow Saga. With it, he fights both Sonic and Knuckles in an attempt to keep them from reaching Space Colony ARK. Despite giving them trouble initially, they manage to take him down when Cream manages to grab the controller and force him away with the Egg Golem. He is later seen cheering on Super Sonic and Super Shadow as they fight the Bio Lizard in an attempt to save the planet from complete destruction.

Egg Moon Saga

Emerl Saga

At the beginning of the saga, Bokkun activated Emerl in an attempt to use him to break Dr. Eggman out of jail. Soon after this, he started fighting Sonic near Station Square, driving a tank with Emerl contained within it. After Sonic takes down Bokkun, Bokkun tells Sonic that Emerl has already been sent as back up to break Dr. Eggman from prison. Later on, Bokkun takes part in the Chaos Emerald Championship to try and obtain the Chaos Emerald for Dr. Eggman. His opponent was Amy, and he tried pulling his typical crocodile tears trick to soften Amy up before attacking her. This backfired when he called Amy a liar, however, and she quickly proceeded to eliminate him with her hammer.

Later, Bokkun is responsible for breaking Dr. Eggman out of jail, along with Decoe and Boco. Because of this, Dr. Eggman tracks down Sonic at the championship and causes him to “forfeit” from the match against Amy.

Homebound Saga

Metarex Saga

Early in Season 3, Rouge the Bat blackmailed Bokkun with a locket of his that contained a picture of his secret crush, Cream. He did tasks for her such as drugging Eggman's drink, leaving Rouge unsupervised to conduct her plans.

Archie Comics

Bokkun has many more appearances in the Sonic X comics than in the anime. His love for sweets and food is highly exaggerated; one instance had him going on a week-long sugar rush and attempting to take over the world (volume 26-27).


Bokkun enjoying Ella’s pies.

Bokkun is very childish and immature and loves explosions and desserts. He is slightly sadistic and loves to pull pranks. His primary job is delivering messages, but he also completes the occasional odd job such as breaking Eggman out of prison or piloting mechas. Bokkun often tries to get Decoe and Bocoe to be his subordinates, which they have not ever gone along with. He even activated Emerl with the intention of bossing him around.

Bokkun has a boiling point temper. Despite his loyalty to Eggman, he sometimes puts his own needs and desires above his job. For instance, he sometimes delivers messages for the Sonic crew in exchange for pastries or helps Rouge in an attempt to steal a Chaos Emerald so she doesn't spill his secret. When embarrassed or angry, Bokkun will begin to yell "Baka", the Japanese equivalent of 'stupid' or 'idiot'.

Bokkun seems to be a bit of a black sheep among his fellow robots. On a few instances he interacts with Decoe and Bocoe as though they were his friends, but generally, he's rude to them and tries to make them angry.

Bokkun is quite the cry baby (though sometimes it is crocodile tears for a prank) and gets upset when he embarrasses himself, like when Eggman told him to dance after a message played and he didn't know how to dance, or when he was accidentally kissed by a robot that Eggman sent to bother Sonic.

In the comics, Bokkun turns power crazy and delusional when he has too much sugar, taking on the identity of "The Cape". Eggman had to get the help of Sonic to stop him from trying to take over the world and in the end he had to pin Bokkun down until he crashed and fell asleep. He is a lot gutsier in the comics—one Eggman plan involved Bokkun dressing up as him while the real Eggman was elsewhere, and when Eggman tried to return home, Bokkun did not stop playing the role and activated the bases defenses to kick him out so he could keep shirking work to eat junk food.

Powers and abilities

Bokkun can fly using a jet-pack attached at his belt. He is not otherwise known for his strength, but he was able to heavily injure Black Narcissus with a single kick.

Bokkun is also shown to have some knowledge with tanks, as he once drove the Bomb Tank.


Dr. Eggman

Bokkun is very loyal to Dr. Eggman, whom he treats like a father or creator. Bokkun sometimes appears to be Eggman's favorite of the trio, as he has complimented Bokkun several times and rarely ever seems mad at him. In the English version of "The Volcanic Venture," Eggman even sides with Bokkun (he'd claimed that he might get eaten by a snake if Eggman sent him) and sends Decoe and Bocoe to find food instead.


Ella and Bokkun in Ep.20.

Ella and Bokkun’s relationship is quite unstable, as Ella is not fond of the robot at all. At first, Ella believed Bokkun to be a robot of innocence who just wanted to be loved. However, after he exploded a bomb in her face, her views of the robot shifted in a different direction, and even took the X Tornado out on her own, just to get her revenge on Bokkun.

Although his joy for explosions may get in the way of their relationship, Bokkun actually likes Ella somewhat, and enjoys the sweets that she makes.

Rouge the Bat

Bokkun is scared of Rouge, as shown during the Metarex wars. To spy on Dr. Eggman, Rouge blackmailed Bokkun in exchange for not letting anyone know who his secret crush was. Later, Rouge continued to tease and blackmail Bokkun, even causing him to poison Dr. Eggman.

Cream the Rabbit

Bokkun has a long-standing crush on Cream the Rabbit as evidenced by a picture of her inside a heart-shaped locket he possesses.





  • Bokkun appears to dislike his designation name "Messenger Robo": in the Japanese version of "The Beginning of the End", when Chris calls him "Messenger Robo," he angrily replies, "I told you my name is Bokkun!"
  • The M on Bokkun's belt could possibly stand for Messenger Robo, although it is never stated as such.
  • Despite his name indicating that he is a robot, Bokkun's face is capable of displaying a range of organic emotions, and he is depicted eating and drinking like a living organism would.
  • Bokkun can be summoned by Bocoe and Decoe's "Bokkun Beacon". This is only used in "The Beginning of the End", when Chris asks them to take him to Eggman. However, in "Agent of Mischief", Eggman uses another way to activate Bokkun's eyes as an emergency signal.
  • Former Sonic the Hedgehog writer Karl Bollers originally planned for Bokkun to appear in the main Sonic comic following Sonic the Hedgehog #134.


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