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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Bocoe (ボコー Bokō?) is a character from the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is one of Dr. Eggman's personal humanoid assistant robots, whom he aids in his schemes for domination.



New World Saga

Bocoe was serving Dr. Eggman when Eggman's base was attacked by Sonic, who was attempting to get Cream, Cheese, and the Chaos Emeralds back from Eggman. However, when the Energy Amplifier, which Eggman had placed the Chaos Emeralds in, got damaged by an E-13 Guardbot right before Eggman hit the button to activate it, Chaos Control was induced, sending Bocoe, Decoe, and Eggman to Earth.[4]

After arriving on Earth, Eggman decided to launch his takeover of Earth and add it to the Eggman Empire.[5] Bocoe remained in the meantime by Eggman's side at his headquarters during the doctor's various attempts to take over Earth.[6][7][8][9][10]

When Eggman began taking over the world's TV signals, Bocoe helped Eggman broadcast his own television show.[9] Some time later, Eggman discovered a Chaos Emerald reaction in the Diamond Stadium. Coming along with Eggman on his hunt for the Emerald this time around, Bocoe and Decoe ended up playing a baseball game alongside Eggman's E-21 Ballios against Sonic and his friends, with the winner getting to claim the Chaos Emerald. Although Bocoe's team could not beat Sonic's team, Eggman still managed to escape with the Chaos Emerald.[11]

At one point, when Eggman left with E-35 Funfun to locate a Chaos Emerald at Tingalin Villa, Bocoe and Decoe found themselves under attack by naval and air forces of G.U.N., forcing them to defend the base from attack.[12] At one point, they spotted what appears to be another G.U.N. aircraft approaching, unaware it was the Egg Mobile, and tried to shoot it down. As a result, both were given a harsh scolding by a furious Eggman before he took over defense of the base, leaving Bocoe and Decoe unnerved by their screw-up. They soon after noticed a G.U.N. commando team in the power room of the base, and sealed them in, unaware that they had already planted explosives to take out the base. Sonic allowed the commandos to escape though, and the base was destroyed, putting Bocoe, Decoe, and Eggman out of action for the time being.[10]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Despite having lost their headquarters, Eggman and his lackeys went mobile with the deployment of the Egg Fort, which Bocoe and Decoe served as co-pilots of. Their first act after deploying their new base was to attack Station Square with E-42 Toroles and E-43 Falcons. However, they were beaten by Sonic, who made the Egg Fort crash into the ocean.[13] Despite the Egg Fort now stuck underwater, Bocoe and Decoe attempted to repair it. In the meantime, Eggman discovered another Chaos Emerald nearby and unleashed E-57 Clurken to deal with Sonic, only for Sonic to take down E-57 and escape with the Emerald.[14] Bocoe and Bocoe later went to Oriental City where they saw Knuckles looking for someone named Hawk, which they promptly reported to Eggman, who decided to investigate this.[15]

After the Egg Fort and X Tornado shoot each other down over the African Savannah, Bocoe and Decoe went after Sonic in E-65 Gorru-Gaooh. However, their ability to camouflage E-65 through the fauna around them failed when they attempted to attack Sonic in a construction site, where the heavy construction equipment would not blend with E-65, which allowing Sonic to destroy it.[16] With the Egg Fort soon after beyond salvaging for further conflict with Sonic, Eggman launched the Egg Fort II to replace it. However, he had to contend with Bocoe and Decoe disagreeing with him over the names for the three parts to it he suggested. Eventually though, the trio used the Egg Fort II to confront Sonic while he was on a vacation to the glaciers on the Thorndyke Family yacht. However, they were soundly beaten by Sonic and the Thorndyke Family's maid, Ella, who had chased Bokkun all the way back to Eggman in retribution for blowing a bomb up in her face.[17]

While hanging out in the Egg Fort II, Bocoe saw Eggman get contacted by Jerome Wise, who needed the doctor to force Sonic into competing in a race. After Bocoe aided in convincing Eggman to help Wise (who offered them a minor reward that Bocoe liked), Bocoe helped Eggman remodel a robot that made Sonic compete in the race. Later, while Bocoe was comforting Bokkun after a traumatic experience, E-45 Sumo-Man, who Eggman had sent after Sonic, came crashing into the Egg Fort II, leaving Bocoe buried in the rubble.[3] Bocoe and Decoe later joined Eggman on a hike in the mountains of Japan, only to find themselves fighting Sonic when they found his friends there, whom they suspected of looking for a Chaos Emerald. They thus launched E-66 Da-Dai-Oh to face them, only for Sonic to beat them once more.[18]

With the Egg Fort II, Bocoe, along with Decoe and Eggman, soon went to Filmdom City to locate another Chaos Emerald after witnessing the energy discharge from the new Emerald. After literally crashing the sound stage where Lindsey Thorndyke was rehearsing her next movie, Bocoe chased after Tails until Eggman got the Emerald and released E-74 Weazo to deal with Sonic and his friends. Though Sonic and Knuckles destroyed E-74, Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe escaped with the Emerald.[19] Bocoe, Decoe and Eggman later began observing Sonic after catching him in doing a non-stop run. Rather than using this opportunity to attack Sonic however, Eggman kept procrastinating, much to Bocoe's dismay.[20]

Later on, Bocoe and Decoe discovered Christopher Thorndyke and Knuckles approaching the Egg Fort II with a white flag. The reason was to broker a truce with Eggman, as Chris wanted to see Sonic and his friends get home safely. Eggman agreed to the truce, but asked for the five Chaos Emeralds that Sonic and his friends had collected to be entrusted to him until the seventh one was found. As Chris and Knuckles left to retrieve them, Eggman revealed to Bocoe and Decoe that he had no intention of upholding the agreement. When Chris and Knuckles returned with their Emeralds, Eggman was called by E-77 Lucky, who had found the seventh Emerald, prompting Eggman to double-cross Knuckles and eject him from the Egg Fort II while taking Chris hostage. Bocoe and his accomplishes then departed in the Egg Fort II to rendezvous with Lucky.[21]

When Bocoe and the others found Lucky, the Egg Fort II was engaged by both Sonic and the G.U.N. Beetles. Bocoe did his best to defend the Egg Fort II against the attacks, but Eggman soon decided to pull out the heavy guns, and had Decoe and Bocoe transform the Egg Fort II into the E-99 Eggsterminator. Powered by the six Chaos Emeralds in his possession, the Eggsterminator left Bocoe, Decoe, and Eggman frightened as it beat Sonic to within an inch of his life. Eggman ultimately ordered the Eggsterminator to stand down, unable to see Sonic suffer any more, but the Eggsterminator instead delivered a final drop-kick to ensure Sonic's demise in a watery grave, scaring Eggman and his robot lackeys. In grief over Sonic's presumed death, Chris broke out of his restraints and retrieved the Chaos Emeralds, much to Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe's shock. Knuckles then broke in to retrieve Chris and the Emeralds, but Rouge had already flown off with them. Shortly thereafter, Sonic was revived and transformed into Super Sonic, who delivered a devastating blow to the Eggsterminator. Bocoe and Decoe turned to Eggman for orders, but Eggman did nothing, realizing that with Sonic in his super form, Chaos Control was about to happen. Super Sonic subsequently reduced the Eggsterminator to a fiery ruin within seconds, but Eggman escaped with Decoe and Bocoe, crash-landing on the newly-appeared Angel Island.[22]

Chaos Saga

Six months after losing the Egg Fort II, Bocoe was assisting Eggman with the construction of new E-Series robots (Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon). After completing the robots, the trio launched the Egg Carrier to attack Station Square with Chaos, a being Eggman had acquired.[23] After Chaos was defeated as Chaos 4 in Windy Valley by Sonic and Tails, Bocoe manned the Egg Carrier's defenses and managed to shoot down the X Tornado.[24]

Some time later, the E-Series robots returned from a mission Eggman had sent them out on, but only Gamma had succeeded in retrieving the frog that Eggman knew had swallowed part of Chaos along with a Chaos Emerald. After Eggman made his judgment calls, Bocoe sadly sent Beta, Delta, and Epsilon away while Gamma was reassigned to another mission. Not long after, the X Tornado would attack the Egg Carrier again. Although Bocoe and Decoe armed the Egg Carrier's weapons, they were unprepared for when Tails revealed the X Tornado's Battle Armor Mode and managed to crash the aircraft on the Egg Carrier.[25] When the Egg Carrier then began losing altitude and heading for a water landing, Eggman escaped after Chaos 6 was defeated by Sonic and Knuckles. However, Bocoe and Decoe were left behind on the crashing ship with ZERO.[26] The trio later encountered Amy Rose when she returned to the Egg Carrier to find the family of her Flicky friend, Lily, but both they and ZERO were soundly beaten by Amy and her Piko Piko Hammer.[27]

Shortly thereafter, Decoe and Bocoe retrieved Eggman after he revealed to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles that Chaos had betrayed him. They subsequently launched the Egg Carrier to confront Chaos, who had by that point, evolved into its ultimate form: Perfect Chaos. When the Egg Carrier 2 engaged Perfect Chaos, it was easily destroyed by the beast, but Bocoe and Decoe escaped with Eggman on the Egg Mobile. They later watched Sonic use the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic to fight Perfect Chaos, but slipped away during the fight to plan their next scheme.[28]

Shadow Saga

After the debacle with Chaos, Eggman decides to hack into the secure databases of G.U.N. to spy on the government, despite concern from Decoe and Bocoe that this could draw the military's attention to him. During this, Eggman found the classified data on his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik, and Project Shadow. Learning of the Ultimate Creature, Bocoe and Decoe came along with Eggman when he attacked Prison Island to retrieve the capsule containing the Ultimate Creature. However, all three were startled by what emerged from it once they open it.[29]

Upon emerging, the Ultimate Creature, Shadow the Hedgehog, pledged his loyalty to Eggman, and set about framing Sonic for various crimes, leading to Sonic getting incarcerated on Prison Island. Eggman subsequently celebrated this victory, much to Bocoe and Decoe's confusion, before Rouge arrived to offer her services to Eggman, offering a Chaos Emerald to show her loyalty.[30] With Rouge and Shadow on his side, Eggman went back to Prison Island to steal the Chaos Emeralds held there. There, Decoe and Bocoe contacted Eggman to debrief him on the upgraded security system, although Eggman was not worried about it. During the events that followed, Eggman and his crew escaped with the Emeralds while Prison Island was destroyed.[31]

Now in possession of six Chaos Emeralds, Bocoe headed to Space Colony ARK with Eggman, Bocoe, Rogue and Shadow to take control of the Eclipse Cannon. With it, Eggman managed to threaten the Earth into submission.[32] When Sonic and his crew later made it onboard the Space Colony ARK to stop the Eclipse Cannon, Bocoe, Eggman and Decoe ambushed the heroes and took Amy hostage. When Sonic then tried to save Amy, Eggman would trap Sonic in a capsule set to explode and rejected him into space. With Sonic seemingly gone, Decoe, Eggman and Bocoe faced the wrath of Tails, who attacked them with the X Cyclone. Despite being armed with the Egg Mobile, the evil trio was still defeated by Tails. However, Eggman managed to snatch the seventh Chaos Emerald Tails had and headed to the cannon. There, Bocoe and Decoe helped Eggman prepare the Eclipse Cannon, although the ongoing damage dealt to it by Sonic (who had surived the explosion) and Shadow made it difficult.[33]

When Eggman finally attempted to fire the Eclipse Cannon at Earth, he instead triggered his grandfather's doomsday program that Professor Robotnik had installed into the Eclipse Cannon to attain revenge against G.U.N. for the murder of his granddaughter, Maria. With time running out, Bocoe and Decoe assisted Sonic and Knuckles with taking the Master Emerald to the chamber where the Chaos Emeralds were stored in hopes of shutting down the Emeralds and stopping the ARK's descend. There, they found their path blocked by the Bio Lizard. Shadow returned to distract it however, allowing Bocoe and Decoe to bring the Master Emerald to Knuckles so he could drain the Chaos Emeralds and render then inert. However, the Bio Lizard refused to let Professor Robotnik's revenge be thwarted, and fused to the Eclipse Cannon, becoming the Final Lizard, in an attempt to drag the ARK towards Earth itself. Bocoe and Decoe then watched as Sonic and Shadow transformed into their super forms to stop the Final Lizard and return the ARK back into a stable orbit. However, they soon learned that Shadow had apparently sacrificed himself to ensure their victory. Afterward, Bocoe and Decoe returned to Earth in a shuttle with Eggman to plan their next move.[34]

Egg Moon Saga

In an attempt to show he had changed for the better following the events with the ARK, Eggman repaired the half of the Moon destroyed by the Eclipse Cannon, turning it into the Egg Moon.[35] However, this was part of a plot to cause a never-ending solar eclipse so Eggman could profit off of providing his Sunshine Balls as a temporary replacement.[36] This earned him, Decoe, and Bocoe an audience with the President at the White House.[37] Once they were alone however, Eggman revealed to Bocoe and Decoe that the Sunshine Balls were transmitting a hidden signal to brainwash the masses to turn them against Sonic and support him.[36]

When the President learned the truth from Topaz, Eggman took him and his secretary, Christina Cooper, hostage, giving him control of the White House. Afterward, Decoe and Bocoe worked on making new monetary denominations with Eggman's face on them. However, the X Tornado soon crashed into the White House, and in the confusion, the President and Christina were freed, thereby allowing Sonic to send Eggman flying out of the building.[36]

With the police now in pursuit of them, Bocoe, Decoe, and Eggman were lured into a trap by Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Chris, resulting in Eggman and his lackeys finally being arrested and imprisoned.[36]

Emerl Saga

While in jail, Bocoe, Eggman and Decue grew very discontent with the treatment they received. However, Eggman assured his complaining sidekicks that Bokkun was on his way to break them out. When Bokkun arrived however, he revealed that he blew it with Eggman's planned rescue attempt.[38] Moving on with Eggman's next plan, Decoe and Bocoe assisted Eggman with planting chips in the appliances made by Thorndyke Industries, causing them to turn evil and revolt. This kept Sonic and his friends busy while Bokkun busted Decoe and the others out of prison.[39]

Now free, Decoe and his cohorts set up base underneath Station Square. There, Bocoe and Decoe paid Eggman a visit after he imprisoned Mister Stewart and his former students in the base. At first, the two of them suspected Stewart of being a spy, as Bocoe had found all kinds of spy gear in Stewart's Car, until the children dashed their theory. When Chris then tried to ask them about Eggman's next plan, the robots refused to answer them (mainly because Eggman did not tell them) before leaving to cry after being reminded of how miserable their lives were. Bocoe, Eggman and Decoe later tried attacking Stewart and the children with the Egg Spider when they tried to escape. However, a surprise assault from Sonic, Rouge and Emerl resulted in the trio's defeat. Although the trio then tried to escape in the Egg Mobile, the vehicle ended up blowing up in their faces. However, the explosion forced the heroes to retreat.[40]

Some time later, when the President sat up the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up tournament to lure Eggman out, Bocoe and Decoe would ditch a supply run Eggman sent them out on to take part in the competition. However, they were forced to flee during the competition when confronted by the police.[41] Eventually, the whole army would pursue them. Although the robotic duo eventually escaped the army, they got chewed out by Eggman for causing such an inconvenience. After then seeing Emerl go on a ramapage on live TV, Bocoe, Eggman and Decoe went to Station Square to observe the destruction he caused.[42]

Homebound Saga

Using the Egg Battleship, Becoe, Eggman and Decoe captured the Seahawk, whose communication equipment was used by Eggman to find the location of an ancient map to Murasia. Decoe and Bocoe were subsequently dispatched to receive the map from Dr. Cadberry.[43] Using disguises, the robots got the drop on the doctor and got away with the map,[43] despite Knuckles giving chase to try and get it back.[44] With the map, Eggman pinpointed Murasia, which, as Eggman predicted, lay on top of a hotspot, which Eggman planned to use to trigger world-wide volcanic eruptions with so he could bring the world to ruin and build the Eggman Empire on top of the remains. When the evil trio arrived at the island that marked the entrance to Murasia though, they met Sonic and his crew, whom Bocoe and Decoe opened fire at until the GUN Fort V3 arrived and overpowered the Egg Battleship. While Bocoe began to panic, Eggman revealed to the heroes that he held the crew of the Seahawk hostage onboard his ship to prevent further attacks. When that failed to make much of a difference, Bocoe and his crew tried heading for Murasia, only to come under even heavier fire. With the Egg Battleship on its last legs, Eggman decided to use the weapon ment for setting off the volcanos against the heroes in spite of Bocoe and Decoe's attempt to dissuade him. Unfortunately, it backfired, and Bocoe and his crew soon got cornered by their hostages, who had been freed by Rouge. Using a distraction however, Bocoe, Eggman, Decoe and Bokkun fled towards Musaia in the Egg Mobile.[43]

Making their way into the underground caves hosting Murasia, Bocoe and Decoe were sent on a food run by Eggman, much to their displeasure. However, they soon ended by being chased by Mothmacin. While running for their lives, Chris tried to save the robotic duo, only to end up running from Mothmacin with them. Eventually, they ended up at Eggman's camp, where Eggman took Chris hostage. The two robots then helped Eggman locate the hotspot in Murasia. As Eggman set the detonator to trigger the hotspot however, the group got attacked by Mongroun. While running for their lives, Bocoe and Decoe discovered that Eggman had left them behind. When Chris then went after Eggman's detonator to stop it, only for Mongroun to target him, Bocoe and Decoe decided to help him. However, they ended up getting smashed to pieces by Mongroun.[45] Fortunately, their remains were salvaged and put back together by Tails and Chuck.[46]

After Sonic and his crew stopped Eggman's plan from coming to fruition and began heading home, Bocoe and Decoe revealed themselves to the heroes and announced that they had had it with Eggman and that they were joining Sonic's side now.[45]

No longer wanted by the authorities, Bocoe and Decue were only left to do volunteer work, which they used to work for the Thorndyke family.[47] While doing their shopping for them however, Chris asked them to take him to Eggman so he could ask him if he was behind the Time Suspension Phenomenon. Although the robots were against it, they ultimately decided to help Chris, and summoned Bokkun with their Bokkun Beacon formation. After Bocoe and Decoe struck a deal with Bokkun, the robot agreed to take them to Eggman. There, Chris got the truth from Eggman: that the Time Suspension Phenomenon was not his doing. As Chris then left in grief, Decoe and Bocoe was kept from following him by Eggman, who knew Chris needed to sort this out on his own.[48] They were soon after attacked by G.U.N. when General Card Passer decided to attack him without authorization from the President. However, Passer's attack was fought off when Eggman launched the Grand Egg Imperial. Soon after, Bocoe, Eggman, Decoe and Bokkun used the portal from Project Homebound to return to Sonic's world.[49]

Once back, Bocoe and Decoe could do little to deter Eggman as he spent his time trying to call out Sonic, who had not returned with the rest of them, only for the Grand Egg Imperial to be attacked by an irate Amy and Tails. When Eggman attacked Tails with a heat-seeking missile, and learned that the recall/self-destruct on it had never been installed, Super Sonic arrived to save Tails and destroy the Grand Egg Imperial. Despite losing the ship, Eggman escaped on his Egg Mobile with Bocoe, Decoe, and Bokkun, just glad that Sonic was back and he could renew his rivalry with him, which his robot lackeys fully supported.[50]

Metarex Saga

Bocoe remained in Eggman's service during the war with Dark Oak and the Metarex, at one point, allying with the aliens against Sonic and his friends. Once Eggman learned of Dark Oak's true intentions however, he and his lackeys allied with Sonic and his friends, uniting the Crimson Egg with the Blue Typhoon as they fought Final Mova.

After Cosmo sacrificed herself so Super Sonic and Super Shadow could slay Dark Oak once and for all, Eggman provided a means for Chris to return to Earth and his family. After Chris took the Hurry and Go Home Version 1 and made his departure, Eggman prepared to do battle with Sonic and his friends again, with Bocoe, Decoe, and Bokkun all supporting the doctor.

Archie Comics


In terms of personality, Bocoe does not have much to offer but is somewhat absent-minded, clumsy and stupid, often providing comic relief. He tends to constantly reflect on their constant failures and insult Dr. Eggman behind his back and is constantly irritated by Bokkun. He has a common dream with Decoe of being able to combine into a powerful battle robot (Decoe-Bocoe Cross), but it is merely a fantasy.[51]

Powers and abilities

Bocoe has a degree of piloting skills in various subjects, enabling him to run Eggman's various machinery.

Bocoe is able to "combine" with Decoe in various ways to give themselves other functionalities. The "Bokkun Beacon" is where Bocoe sits on top of Decoe and gives them the ability to summon Bokkun via a light signal sent from Bocoe's eyes, and the "Decoe Bocoe Bazzoka Fire" is where they physically join together to form a powerful energy cannon.[52]

He also has high hand-to-hand combat skills, being able to disable Black Narcissus together with Decoe.


  • Bocoe's name stems from the Japanese word "dekoboko" (凸凹) means unevenness, roughness, ruggedness; it also describes something bumpy, jagged.
    • The symbol on Bocoe's chest represents the kanji "凹" in the word "dekoboko".
  • In the early promo for Sonic X, Bocoe had a more serious and robotic appearance, in contrast to his cartoonish look in the final version.
  • According to Eggman, Bocoe can be self-destructed, although it never happened.
  • Bocoe has a Storm the Albatross doll in the Sonic X comics by Archie Comics.
  • The 1991 anime Kinkyū Hasshin Saver Kids was produced by the same studio as Sonic X, Tokyo Movie Shinsha or TMS Entertainment. The show featured two robots called Omega and Epsilon, with designs nearly exact to Bocoe and Decoe's.
  • It is unknown whether or not Bocoe can rust. Most of the time in Sonic X, he would complain about rusting, but in "Cruise Blues", he stated he was incapable of corrosion which could also be considered rusting.
  • Unlike Decoe, Bocoe was not featured in the 4Kids Entertainment crossover The Fight for the FoxBox.


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