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The icon for Bobsled Race mode.

This is Bobsled Race!

Omochao, Sonic Heroes

Bobsled Race is one of the 2P Play modes in Sonic Heroes. It is unlocked after collecting 80 Emblems in 1P Play.


In Bobsled Race, two players each control a team that race against each other around the course on a bobsled akin to a kart racing game, avoiding obstacles that slow the team's bobsled while making use of Dash Rings to speed up. The obstacles include Containers and iron balls; each time a team gets attacked by the latter, they will lose a character (Speed, Power and Fly in that order) which will hinder their bobsled's abilities. However, if a player has lost any characters before successfully completing a lap, those lost characters are restored in the next lap. The winner of this mode is whoever completes three laps around the course first. However, if a player loses all of their three characters by hitting iron balls three times in a lap, their opponent wins.


The following three stages can be played in Bobsled Race:

When the player selects "ALL", the game will go through all three of the stages mentioned in that order. The player who wins two out of the three stages wins the entire mode.


  • This is the only 2P Play mode where the teams do not taunt at each other at the start of the stage. While the winning team taunts at the end of a Boblsled Race stage, the game does not transition to the team's stage clear animation like the other 2P Play modes.
  • In the console versions of Sonic Heroes, the leading player would have a yellow crown displayed next to their lap count. Although the crown 2D plane is rendered on the PC version, the icon's invisible because the texture coordinates to both, this and the best record were not set when rendering on-screen.

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