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The circus caravan and the Tornado, from Sonic the Comic #80. Art by Richard Elson.

Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus is a group that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a troupe of circus performers led by Bob Beaky, the alter ego of Sonic the Hedgehog. The group is, in fact, a front for the Freedom Fighters in order to travel without arousing the suspicion of the Troopers. They travel around Mobius in a gypsy-style wooden caravan, which contains their freedom fighting equipment (including the Kintobor Computer). They pull their biplane along behind them, underneath a tarpaulin.

Each member of the Freedom Fighters takes on a distinct disguise and role within the circus:

  • Sonic, as Bob Beaky, is the ringleader, showman and face of the group.
  • Tails is a clown.
  • Amy is a crossbow marksman in an impalement act. She wears a turban. Her "living target" is usually Porker Lewis.[1]
  • Johnny Lightfoot is the circus strongman, complete with leopard-print leotard and ridiculous black moustache.[2]


After their previous, secret underground base was discovered by Doctor Robotnik, the Freedom Fighters were forced to evacuate.[3] They moved into a caravan and took on the disguise of a circus troupe, which they used to avoid detection by Trooper patrols and pass road-blocks with little difficulty.[2]

The caravan was eventually destroyed by Super Sonic.[4]


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