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Bob Beaky is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a short penguin, a secret identity assumed by Sonic the Hedgehog in order to travel around the Trooper-patrolled Zones of Mobius and infiltrate Robotnik's operations. Beaky is also a showman and the ringmaster of Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus, a front for the Freedom Fighters.


In order to effect the disguise as Bob Beaky, Sonic dresses in clothes that completely conceal his body. This most often takes the form of a thick green duffel coat and ushanka, heavy grey boots and mittens, and a checked yellow scarf.[1] While acting as the ringmaster of Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus, he instead wears a tuxedo, waistcoat, top hat decorated with stars, and a scarf.[2] Despite the variation, the Bob Beaky disguise has certain consistent features, in particular a false beak and a pair of wraparound sunglasses.

Bob Beaky's personality (in the presence of Troopers at least) is also markedly different from Sonic's. Beaky is a cheerful and foolish individual who "[delights] in serving our glorious ruler, Dr Robotnik."[1] However, Sonic is frequently unable or unwilling to wear the disguise for long and readily drops it in order to destroy Badniks, particularly when challenged[3][4] or when he witnesses injustice.[1] He also chooses not to wear the disguise when he believes that it is unnecessary.[5]


Shortly after discovering that Robotnik had conquered Mobius,[6] Sonic adopted the Bob Beaky disguise in order to gain access to the Chemical Plant Zone and rescue the "work detail" - members of the Emerald Hill Folk who were being treated like slaves.[1] He later donned the disguise to visit the Hero of the Year Awards, despite realising that it was a trap.[7]

Bob Beaky Circus

Bob Beaky as the ringmaster of his travelling circus, from Sonic the Comic #43.

Following the discovery and destruction of Sonic's Secret Underground Base by Robotnik, the Freedom Fighters began to travel around Mobius disguised as a travelling circus, with Sonic (as Bob Beaky) acting as the owner and ringmaster.[8] They used these disguises to pass Robotnik's roadblocks undetected.[4] In order to keep up appearances, they also put on circus performances for the Emerald Hill Folk.[2]

Following Robotnik's downfall,[9] Sonic had no further need of the Bob Beaky disguise.


Tekno in Archie Comics

Bob Beaky's cameo in Archie Comics, bottom left


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