Boards are the name of the stages in Sonic Shuffle. Their names are derived from the real-life playing boards. These boards represent dream worlds which were corrupted by Void.


Precioustone Space where the Precioustone is located.

The objective for the players is to reach the Precioustones located somewhere on the boards which Lumina will indicate. Any player reaching the Precioustone will initiate a battle in which their victory will procure the Precioustone. The next round will begin as Lumina will reveal where the next Precioustone piece is located.

The default number of rounds for a board is five. The winner is the one who has collected the most Precioustones.


There are five boards, each located in the Dream Worlds of Maginaryworld:

  • Emerald Coast: This world exists for lovers of the sun, but Void's magic has caused it to freeze over. It is Knuckles' Dream World.
  • Fire Bird: This world represents dreams of freedom, but Void has imprisoned the high-flying phoenix in a machine. It is Tails' Dream World.
  • Nature Zone: The forest ruins were created for lovers of nature, but Void's dark pillars have begun marring the landscape. It is Amy's Dream World.
  • Riot Train: This raging locomotive was created for lovers of adventure, but Void has sent the machine off-course. It is Sonic's Dream World.
  • Fourth Dimension Space: It is the realm where dreams are kept: the whole domain will cease to exist unless Void is stopped.


The boards have various spaces marked with icons. When a player lands on a specific icon, an action will be triggered, such as gaining or loosing Rings, or initiating events, battles or minigames.

Space Action
Shuffle +Ring space.png
Plus Ring
Normally, the player will receive three Rings if they land on a Plus Ring Space. Once the final Precioustone has appeared, this number will double.
Shuffle -Ring space.png
Minus Ring
Normally, the player will lose three Rings if they land on a Minus Ring Space. Once the final Precioustone has appeared, this number will double.
Shuffle Battle space.png
Land on one of these to trigger a battle.
Shuffle Quest space.png
Land on these squares to either trigger or solve a quest. The quest differs from board to board. Accomplishing them earns an Emblem.
Shuffle Jump space.png
Land on these squares to have a Spring bounce the player to another space.
Shuffle Event space.png
Land on one of these to trigger either a Mini-Event or a Mini-Game. Regardless of who actually lands on the Event Space, all the player will be involved in a Mini-Game. However, only the player who lands on the Event Space will be involved in a Mini-Event.
Shuffle Revolving space.png
There is a 50% chance that this space will turn the player around to head in the direction they came from when the player crosses over one of these spaces. Nothing will happen if the player land on top of one.
Shuffle NoEntry space.png
No Entry
These spaces appear when a player uses a Stopnite Forcejewel. They are impossible to cross for three turns or while Stopnite is in effect.
Shuffle Tails space.png
Specific character spaces that will allow Tails, Knuckles or Amy to take a specific path or action when landed on.
Shuffle Knuckles space.png
Shuffle Amys space.png
Shuffle Unknown space.png



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